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Redmine theme "farend bleuclair"

⚠️ The installation method differs depending on the version of Redmine you are using. Please check the "Install".

日本語README(Japanese README)


Custom theme for Redmine.

I created a theme using Cool Colors with an awareness of making the interface look more modern than the default Redmine. The position and color scheme of the menu are close to the default theme, so even those who are familiar with existing themes can use it without any discomfort.

Bleuclair theme is used as standard for RedMica - the future Redmine you can get today (RedMica is yet another distribution of Redmine)


For Redmine 4.2 or later 🆕

From Bleuclair compatible with Redmine 4.2, changes such as replacing the icon with an icon font and adding the folding feature of the sidebar have been added.

  • Issue list

Before for Redmine 4.1

  • Issue list
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  • Issue histories


1: Create a directory containing themes

In the environment where Git can be used:

Execute the following command in the Redmine installation directory.

  • For versions older than Redmine 3.4
$ git clone -b redmine3.4 public/themes/bleuclair
  • For Redmine 4.0
$ git clone -b redmine4.0 public/themes/bleuclair
  • For Redmine 4.1
$ git clone -b redmine4.1 public/themes/bleuclair
  • For Redmine 4.2 or later
$ git clone -b redmine4.2 public/themes/bleuclair

In an environment where Git is not available:

Check the, download and unzip the zip file or tar.gz file of the version compatible with your Redmine, and place it in the public/themes directory of Redmine.

2: Change theme settings

Set to use the new theme on the Administration page of Redmine.

"Administration" => "Settings" => "Display tab" => Select "Bleuclair" in the item "Theme" and click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.


$ cd redmine/public/themes/beuclair
$ npm install
$ npm run start:dev
$ # debug
$ npm run build



Web fonts in webfonts uses the following library:
Font Awesome Free 5.13.0 by @fontawesome -
License - (Fonts: SIL OFL 1.1 License)

The icon search.svg uses svg files from the following library:
Font Awesome Free 5.13.0 by @fontawesome -
License - (Icons: CC BY 4.0 License)


Far End Technologies Corporation