This is a simple file indexing API server which gives a utility to search through files in a selected directory.
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File Indexer

This is a simple project which reads files in the directory mentioned in the config file and indexes it. This then can be used to search the files present in the directory.


This is a way of trying to index the logs file in dgplug so that we can easily find the files in which a word has occured in the file.


This assumes that you have Go installed and setup

All dependecies are added in dep and we need to make sure we install fresh although it is already added to the lock.


We need to make a directory that has to be indexed and put few files in it.

Put that as the RootDirectory in the config.json file.

I create a log directory and put it in the conf.

For development purpose you can run go run main.go

Now you need to create the index first so visit localhost:8000/index

Then you can search the file with localhost:8000/search/{query}


cd in the directory and run

fresh -c fresh.conf

This will run the server and start watching for any changes in the file, it does two things hot-reloading and auto-indexing.