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JalaliJSCalendar is a JavaScript DHTML Calendar based on "Dynarch DHTML Calendar" from "Mihai Bazon". The main difference between them is that JalaliJSCalendar supports Persian calendar (aka jalali calendar), that is the official iranian calendar.
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JalaliJSCalendar v1.4
  Author: Ali Farhadi (
  Released under the terms of the GNU Public License.
  See the GPL for details (

Based on The DHTML Calendar
  Author: Mihai Bazon, <>


  calendar.js       -- the main program file
  calendar-setup.js -- calendar setup script
  jalali.js         -- jalali extensions for Date Object
  lang/*.js         -- internalization files
  skins/            -- color themes
  examples/         -- example usage files
  doc/              -- documentation, in PDF and HTML
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