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NOTE: I'm not going to update this file any more. Use git-log instead.
-------------------- 1.7 beta [2008-12-06] ---------------------
2008-12-16 Ali Farhadi <>
* ability to ignore some file types (e.g. htc) from being embedded through embedExceptions config.
2008-12-06 Ali Farhadi <>
* minifiers/css.php: Issue #2 fixed (problem with mime_content_type function).
* config.php: gzip compression level can be set in config file.
* index.php: Content-Type of js files was changed for compatibility with all of browsers. (from application/x-javascript to text/javascript).
-------------------- 1.6 beta [2008-06-13] ---------------------
2008-06-13 Ali Farhadi <>
Change log and brief documentation added.
* minifiers/css.php, index.php: Ability of embedding css images and css imported files was added.
* minifiers/css.php: Duplicated urls (i.e. css sprites) will not be embeded for better performance.
* config.php: embed feature can be disabled in config file.
* config.php: Maximum file size of embedded files can be specified.
* .htaccess: bug fixed in removing Etag headers for static contents.
-------------------- 1.5 beta [2008-05-24] ---------------------
2008-05-24 Ali Farhadi <>
The project renamed to SmartOptimizer.
SmartOptimizer is a completely rewritten and restructured version of JSmart.
* index.php: Ability of concatenating js and css files was added.
* minifiers/css.php: Relative paths in css files will be corrected if needed.
* config.php: Cache settings is more customizable.
* config.php: Ability of disabling minification and gzip compression was added.
* index.php: Handling expire headers for a wide range of file types was added.
* index.php: getallheaders function is not used anymore, since it is not supported in all the servers.
-------------------- 1.0 Final Release [2006-07-07] ---------------------
2006-07-07 Ali Farhadi <>
* load.php: Ability of compressing CSS files was added.
* load.php: Content-Type of js files was corrected. (from text/plain to application/x-javascript)
-------------------- 1.0 RC2 [2006-07-01] ---------------------
2006-07-01 Ali Farhadi <>
* config.php: Charset of js files can be specified in config file.
* load.php: Debugging capabilities was added.
* config.php: Debug mode can be enabled or disabled using config file.
* config.php: Cache feature can be disabled in config file
-------------------- 1.0 RC [2006-06-29] ---------------------
2006-06-29 Ali Farhadi <>
* config.php: JSmart is more customizable using config.php
* load.php: JSmart will not crash if zlib extension is not installed.
-------------------- 1.0 beta [2006-06-25] ---------------------
2006-06-25 Ali Farhadi <>
It is the first release