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i'm using a php call function to display rss feed, i would like to embed the code in an .html page to display them. I added this code to the .htaccess to make php files treated as html: AddType application/x-httpd-php .html

Now what happen is that the code works well when smartoptimizer (7) is disabled and when i enable it, the php code result in a blank line.

Personally i tried to add the mime type php to be interpreted as html in the smartoptimizer/index.php file:

$mimeTypes = array(
"php" => "text/html",

but nothing happen.

I didn't find any thread on net about this issue.


Given that usually the index.php is passed to smartoptimizer. You really dont want this file cached EVER. Doing so will mean updates to your site occur very slowly...and depending on the refresh settings of smart optimizer maybe not for a year or more.
When you want to chage a script you normal just change the call to it ie
src=..\template\js\myjs_01.js" using a version tag. Doing this bypass's previously cached versions of myjs.js.

You cant do that if the php file is cached. Dynamic sites wont work if you cache php

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