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I like the library and added grouping functionality. (01ebb76)
Namely, you can specify groups of files (that can be in different dirs) and SmartOptimizer will concat and min them. In this way, you can call a group of files by doing http://example.com/group.main.js/
Use cases: add/remove files easily from any group
Use one group for app-wide files, another for module-wide files = only 2 requests.

I also used deanedwards' packer for js minification. I've added the option to use custom minifiers, in a separate commit.(852b4df)

The other 3 commits are bug fixes and a merge.



Haven't been using SmartOptimizer for a while. But I'm rolling out a few big changes on my website, and I will launch a new project soon, and I'm wondering if I should use this lib or not :)

Is anyone still on the line?


Oh darn it I closed the issue :(

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