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This is the master branch for the kyoto repo

This is the master branch - code in this branch should be final and working.

There is also a development branch - please merge your group's progress into this branch on a regular basis. Code in this branch does not need to be final.

Work in progress should be managed within group branches and merged into master when it working.

When merging into master please use this process to avoid committing conflicts:

git checkout master
git merge --no-commit --no-ff groupbranch
git add -u # Adds all updated (tracked) files
git status # Check what files you are changing
git commit
git push

Please be descriptive in your commit messages! If you are unsure what to include, take a look at a few of the big GitHub projects.

Recommended reading:

This README will be updated later on with proper instructions to make it look amazing with proper wiki page setup.