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RIFFA (Reusable Integration Framework for FPGA Accelerators) is a framework developed in University of California, San Diego. This project utilises the RIFFA framework to define an interface to interact with a user's IP core on the FPGA to send and receive data to and from the PC. This particular project is being developed under Imperial College…
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RIFFA Explanation

This is a distribution of the Reusable Integration Framework for FPGA Accelerators (RIFFA). The contents of this distribution are open source, licensed with the FreeBSD license. Please feel free to contact the author with any feedback, fixes, or requests at .

The distribution contains an examples folder and a riffa folder. The examples folder contains Xilinx base system designs for various boards. In these base system designs, there is a custom IP core which contains HDL showing interaction with the RIFFA framework. In the custom IP core directory, there is also a software directory that contains a software user application that works with the IP core.

In the riffa directory, you'll find the IP cores that make up RIFFA. The driver and user library can be found in the central_notifier IP core directory, under the software subdirectory. Be sure to read the README.txt files in each directory for further details.

A getting started guide is available at

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