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Run acme-lsp completion on pressing ^O in an ACME window
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Command acme-complete-bind adds a key binding for ^O to ACME to run acme-lsp's L comp -e command without having to move the mouse from the text.


  • Install acme-lsp and a few language servers of your choice
  • Run GO111MODULE=on go get

After the installation, run the command acme-complete-bind. It does not take any parameters and only outputs log messages if something goes wrong.

ACME needs to be running before starting acme-complete-bind.


In a text buffer, enter ^O, that is, press the O key with the control key held. This should run L comp -e.

If instead of completions, you get a little picture of some guys head, you should make sure that acme-complete-bind is indeed running and that it can connect to your ACME instance via 9p by running 9p ls acme. If that does not help, please open an issue in the bug tracker for this repository.

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