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An LSP server for beancount accounting files
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Beancount LSP

This is an implementation of the LSP protocol for beancount files.

At the moment, the server only supports completion of account names. Pretty printing of beancount files and other similar things are not supported.

I have tested this server with a moderately large beancount file (roughly 60 transactions/month for 5 years) using acme-lsp and the ACME text editor.


  • Python 3


Create a Python virtualenv and install beancount-lsps dependencies:

python3 -m venv venv
. venv/bin/activate
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Configuration for acme-lsp

I use the following configuration for acme-lsp:

ProxyNetwork = "unix"
ProxyAddress = "/tmp/ns.farhaven.:0/acme-lsp.rpc"
AcmeNetwork = "unix"
AcmeAddress = "/tmp/ns.farhaven.:0/acme"
RootDirectory = "/"
FormatOnPut = true
CodeActionsOnPut = ["source.organizeImports"]

	Command = ["/path/to/repo/venv/bin/python", "/path/to/repo/"]

Pattern = '\.beancount$'
ServerKey = "beancount"

You will need to adjust the paths for the beancount langserver.

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