Ping Pong game with php socket and html canvas
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ping pong socket

Ping Pong game with php socket and html canvas



Persian document

You can read this document in persian with This Link


First , you should copy files in your localhost ( that can be create with Xampp ) .
Then just open server.php and index.php files to edit server and port address .
Run your server.php file in browser .
Then you can open index.php file and enjoy from game ( game starts after second user ) .

General structure

First , visitors connect to server with this code in index.php and server determine turn and side of user .

	var wsUri = "ws://"; 	
	websocket = new WebSocket(wsUri);
	websocket.onopen = function(ev) { 
        toastr["info"]("socket is ok !")

	websocket.onmessage = function(ev) {
		var msg = JSON.parse(; //PHP sends Json data
		var type = msg.type; 
		var umsg = msg.message; 
		var uname =;
		var go = msg.gameover;
		if(type == 'system')
                turn = uname;
                toastr["info"]("You are : "+turn+" side . Hope enjoy")
             if(go==1) gameover=0;
             else gameover=1;

		else {
			eval(uname+'_racket').y = umsg;

	websocket.onerror	= function(ev){toastr["error"](};
	websocket.onclose 	= function(ev){toastr["error"]('Close')};

Canvas components

All the elements in the game defined in this code .

function startGame() {
    right_racket = new component(65, 65, "images/right_racket.png", right_line-10, center_line,"image");
    left_racket = new component(65, 65, "images/left_racket.png",left_line-30, center_line,"image");
    ball = new component(25, 25, "images/ball.png", eval(side+'_line'), center_line+20 ,"image");
    right_score = new component("30px", "IranYekan", "red", 310, 140, "text");
    left_score = new component("30px", "IranYekan", "blue", 180, 140, "text");
    sound_strike 	= new sound("sounds/strike.mp3");
    sound_gameover   = new sound("sounds/gameover.mp3");
    sound_shoes1	= new sound("sounds/shoes2.mp3");
    sound_shoes2	= new sound("sounds/shoes1.mp3");

For a better understanding of html canvas games , please read this tutorial by w3schools

I just send the rackets position in socket . you can send ball and results too .

function send_packet(ja){
   	var msg = {
   	message: ja,
   	name: turn,

You can change game speed in this line :

this.interval = setInterval(updateGameArea, 10);

Thanks .

Code by : Farid Froozan ( as university project ( Computer Networks )