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Version history

upcoming version

  • fixed Ferries + Tunnel: sometimes ferry can't be changed when road is extended through tunnel connection



  • Ferries (Mini #3) expansion
  • The Count, final scoring changed according to "Complete annotated rules" notes.
    • followers can be moved from all quarters (not only from the Market to forms)
    • players take turns Question: How does follower placement during the final scoring work? Answer: In principle very similarly to the way it works during the game. The 'trigger' for the final scoring is the player who placed the last tile and so ended the game. Beginning with the player on the left of the 'trigger' player, each player redeploys one of his or her followers from Carcassonne to an appropriate feature [followers in castle can only be deployed to cities, and so on] on the board. Followers can also be redeployed to incomplete roads, cities, cloisters, or farms, since these will also be scored at the end of the game. This process continues until no player can redeploy any more players from Carcassonne. The Count still blocks the city quarter in which he is resident. Normally the player with the most followers in Carcassonne will be the one to redeploy the last figure.
  • fix: road with bridge can remain not scored. This can happen when bridge was placed result of tile placement on adjacent tile (and only when tile bridge is rotated once). Such bridge can also cause error during final scoring.
  • fix: gold was not awarded from cloister tile itself (but only from adjacent tiles)
  • fix: missing bid buttons when game is saved and loaded during bazaar auction



  • display info message when game is created with debug options (forced draw order). This is important for remote party because this option is part of game setup (since 4.x) and they are used by all participants. And currently there was no change to recognize that game is regular.
  • fixed #255: Abbey and scoring road/city touching abbey with more then one side. Now feature is correctly finished.
  • fixed #257: Farm hints display correct color for farms with barns.
  • fixed #258: Pig/Barn issue, when pig was deployed instead of barn.
  • fix: Barn and Market quarter: followers for the City of C. can be deployed on farm when barn is placed or when barn farm is extended by another farm with followers score properly followers moved on barn farm just before final scoring
  • fix: some legal wagon moves were missing
  • fix: City of C. followers can be now redeployed also onto features closed by abbey.
  • fix: when moves from multiple City of C. quarters are available (eg legal move on cloister and road at one time) there was possibility that follower was moved from wrong quarter (eg. from blacksmith to cloister)
  • fix: builder double turn allowed wrongly add follower into City of C. after each turn part if opponent feature was scored during first part
  • fix: restrict corn circles actions to followers only (instead of meeples)
  • fix: the rules that restrict the placement of cloisters next to already placed shrines also restrict the placement of abbeys.
  • fix: german monasteries and abbot related issues (portal allows placement next to abbot, crash when abbot in tower area)
  • fix: broken undo for loaded games
  • fix: don't offer AI unsupported expansion in create game panel after "Play again" is used
  • fix: preserve figure order in player panels



  • underlying JavaWebsocket library reverted to version used in 3.x. Recent version seems to be unreliable and dropping messages sometimes. Which makes client out of sync and caused unpredictable bugs.



  • connection stability improvements - websocket connection revisited and fixed reconnect on lost connection issues
  • handle properly when single message is sent to server twice
  • fix: captured meeple color in game events panel
  • fix: play again button



  • fixed trade goods final scoring



  • fixed Tunnel regression. Game crashes when playing with or without some colors (to be exact, when you not take player slots from beginning)



  • multiple undo steps are now supported (including eg. undoing paid ransom)

  • saved game format changed to JSON (and instead of game snapshot contains just action history)

  • event log added - game events are displayed on top of the window (use E key to hide/show)

  • added The Count expansion

  • added game event panel on top of window

  • added Japanese translation (thx to Alexis Jeandeau)

  • multiple plugin folders can be specified in config (as relative or absolute paths)

  • plugins can contain java classes and register new expansions and capabilities

  • added "Carrcassone for 2" plugin (thx to Tom Hill)

  • catapult tiles moved to separate plugin, disabled by default (with many other expansion these extra tiles are much less important)

  • issue #63: experimental change: multiple tile sets of same expansion are allowed. No UI is present but feature can be enabled by manual edit of preset in config file (or by save game edit)

  • issue #223 - experimental change: capabilities and expansions are independent. Game can be created with different set of capabilities then standard derived from expansion. Eg. Princess and dragon tiles but without dragon figure. Or add big follower to basic tiles (without inns & cathedrals tiles) No UI for creation such game is present yet, but same as multiple sets it can be achieved by manual edit of preset in config.yaml (Such games can be normally played with remote players)

  • fixed definition for FE.RC tile (Festival) - city wasn't bind to farm (farm may score one city less sometimes)

Current expansions changes

Princess and Dragon

PRINCESS_MUST_REMOVE_KNIGHT rule implemented in proper way: If enabled and there is option to remove princess no other action is allowed.


If players has several prisoners belonging to the other player during prisoners exchange, the owner may decide which prisoner should be returned.

Bridges, Castles, and Bazaars

  • Bazaar auction is not triggered when tile is discarded.
  • When tile can place only with bridge, player is allowed to pass and let the tile to be discarded.
  • fix: When there is no legal placement for auctioned tile, tile is discarded and random tile is drawn instead.
  • Display bridge preview if bridge placement is mandatory (and bridge must be placed as part of tile placement).


Rule change: Lakes (River 1 lake and River 2 volcano lake) are drawn by player as common tile (changed according to New Carcassonne (C II) rules)


Added MORE_TUNNEL_TOKENS rule (each player has three token sets for 2 players game or two token sets for 3 player game)

Russion promos

Baba Yaga's hut is now not involved in shrine-cloister challenges (when played together with The Cult expansion)

Technical Notes

  • Grand rewrite in favor of functional programming and immutable data structure.
  • library is awesome!



  • MacOS: application title is again JCloisterZone
  • fixed: crash caused by two "Undo"s triggered in short period
  • fixed: Little Buildings (unable to place building)
  • fixed: WindRose points can be repeated by undo tile placement infinitely
  • fixed TO.CccC+ definition (shield on one Tower tile is properly counted)
  • experimental support for "rectangular" tiles - possibility to display 3d tiles projected as rectangle - currently no theme



  • Russian Promos "expansion"
  • dark theme (there is definitely place for many improvements, especially in create game view)
  • fixed: Impossible to undo Goldmine tile placement
  • fixed The Corn Circles II tile definitions - cities was linked to farm (this bug can cause less points on farm in some cases)
  • fixed BB.CFR.b tile definition - another missing city-farm link



  • it's possible to enable/disable plugins without app restart
  • tile distribution window (in help menu) - show overview of tiles in expansions
  • added OSX native full screen hook (thx khalidqasrawi)
  • monasteries in netherlands and belgium theme plugin
  • winter theme plugin
  • plugin icons are displayed in preferences/plugins
  • colored placement history (thx fatsu)
  • #112 - warn aboul last chance to place abbey
  • fixed few winter extra tiles definitions to match original winter tiles
  • fixed #184 - opponent can accidentally skip follower placement on Abbey
  • fixed #182 - Cloister/Shrine can't be placed next to cloister AND shrine



  • undo is possible also for bridge placements (and also for a tile which forced bridge placement) (#170)
  • fix #174: undo placement of a tile with tower base crash game
  • fix #177: apostrophes in translations are not shown



  • preferences dialog to change settings from app
  • improved TO, CC, GQ, AM images quality
  • changed meeple selection (eg. princess undeploy, crop circles undeploy etc.) - instead selecting tile feature, meeple itself is highlighted directly
  • rotate board fixes - don't rotate fairy and dragon (#145), gold counters and little building selection.
  • rules update - Wagon can not choose which tile to move after completing a feature (#148)
  • rules update - added and make default HiG fairy scoring option - fairy is placed next to follower instead of on tile (#137)
  • slightly changed way how are mouseover handled for overlapping feature areas - instead selecting none, a higher one is selected.
  • added Catalan localization (thx to Joan Josep)
  • packed to 7z instead zip - see #160 - new Players execute the jar from within the zip
  • fix: custom rule "Tiny city is scored only for 2 points" + unfinished two tile city with cathedral (gives 2pts at end instead of 0)
  • fix #34, #155: relax legal river checking - now river is almost always legally finished, don't end game in rare case when lake can't fit
  • fix #135: Gold piece distribution is incorrect
  • fix #138: undo & magic portal issue
  • fix #139: abbey at game end
  • fix #140: AI always use big follower
  • fix #147: Missing farms on Abbey & Mayor tiles (small farms between crossed cities)
  • fix #149: little building can be scored multiple times for one feature
  • fix #150: Wagon can move to a tile occupied by dragon
  • fix #158: Only the player with majority gets fairy bonus when completing a feature.
  • fix: play again button did't work for loaded games
  • online play: play server supports also legacy clients (since 3.2.0)



  • game clock
  • meeple deployment undo - confirmations has been redesigned. Deploy is done immediately with possibility to undo it.
  • better broken connection indicator
  • auto reconnect and join game when connection is lost
  • expansion: The Goldmines
  • expansion: Little buildings
  • fix #58: wrong nickname in pre-game chat
  • fix: chat panel now auto hides again
  • fix #123: after selecting "play again", game dialog don't hide ai unsupported expansion
  • fix #124: non-bidding bidding bazaars and tile stealing
  • fix #134: allow abbot placement on tile already surrounded by 8 tiles
  • online play: fixed "continue" and wrong player order and names when game created with RANDOM_SEATING_ORDER
  • online play: chat is available after game ends



  • online play - password protected games support
  • tile color adjustment (Jozsef T)
  • updated es translation (outdated in 3.1.0)
  • error message bar can be dismissed
  • rotate board (/ key)
  • right click on board with shift down behave as middle mouse click (center board to click point)
  • fix: too often AI placement on top of tower
  • fix: "2-tiles bug" - if playing with GQ11 & King and Scout - at game and counter still shows 2 tiles
  • fix: can't place on tower if there isn't normal placement possibility
  • fix: It is not possible to place the phantom as an abbot on a German monastery
  • fix: checking show farm hints option before game starts is broken



  • play online feature - play through public webserver
  • Mage and Witch (Mini #5) expansion
  • tile rotation behavior changed - tile is rotated to first valid position
  • added play again button
  • show tunnel tokens supply in control panel
  • CornCicles ui - don't ask if there is not deployed any follower of that kind (if no player can perform any action)
  • click on tile in control panel triggers rotation
  • take board screenshot (pull request by Decar)
  • game setup dialog (you can get included expansion/rules during game)
  • improved image quality (Tunnel, Corn Circles, Festival, Flier)
  • server can be run without ui - just run SimpleServer.main()
  • fix: if game folder is not writeable, system APPDATA dir (win) or ~/.jcloisterzone (unix) is used
  • fix: Cathars escape is not allowed for builder
  • fix: beep sound playback in Linux
  • fix: bazaar & builder & end of turn. (ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException / unused auctioned tiles in hand when game over)



  • rules update: taking prisoner is now not mandatory
  • rules update: The placement of a princess tile (Princess & Dragon) with removal of a knight from the city cannot be used as a first “follower move” and be followed by placement of the Phantom (e.g. into the now-vacated city). As per the rules for the princess, “if a knight is removed from the city, the player may not deploy or move any other figure.”
  • fix: abbot tower capture
  • fix: wrong nickname in pre-game chat



  • bug reporting feature (in help menu)
  • fix: wagon issue (usually when playing against ai causing game freeze)
  • fix: wrong color of chat nicknames



  • network protocol changed completely
  • German Monasteries expansion
  • list of connected clients is displayed during game setup (can see unassigned players)
  • chat is available during game setup
  • more intuitive display of followers on and "under" bridges - bridge with it's follower always above other followers
  • rules update: wagon moves for Inns & Cathedrals special cases, according to Completely Annotated Rules
  • rules update: wagon can't move through a fair
  • rules update: flier & phantom interaction - can't used flier with both common follower and phantom in single turn
  • rules update: wagon can move to/from abbey
  • fix: nasty rare tower capture and wagon glitches - mainly causing occasionally ai freezing (i hope there is no more similar bugs left)
  • fix: wagon can move from cloister inside city to city and vice-versa on bridge and bazaars tile
  • fix: loading game resets point statistics
  • fix: in some cases unable to start loaded game initially created with "randomize seating order"



  • Greek localization (el locale)
  • undo feature (tile placement only)
  • rules update: wagon cannot cross a bazaar to the other side
  • AI: The Tower support
  • fix: builder & bazaar interaction
  • fix: possible game load crash
  • workaround for GTK look&feel bug - menus without border and separators
  • code refactoring: game events (EventBus), AI tasks for select actions



  • yaml configuration (ini file not sufficient for stuctured presets)
  • game setup presets: selected expansions/rules can be stored as named preset
  • persistent settings
  • farm hints (press F key to toggle)
  • The Besiegers expansions (Die Belagerer)
  • Cathars/Siege: custom rule for RGG's escape variant (cloister must be adjacent to any city tile instead of directly to besieged tile)
  • random seating order option
  • game setup panel: flash effect when expansion/rule is changed remotely
  • custom rule: dragon movement after scorinhg (RGG)
  • volcano rule updated according to latest FAQs: no follower deployment except barn, fairy movement allowed, so removed CANNOT_PLACE_BUILDER_ON_VOLCANO custom rule
  • FARM_CITY_SCORED_ONCE custom rule removed - 2nd edition scoring is obsolete and may leads to confusion together with some expansions
  • builder can be placed on uncompleted feature only (makes no sense to places on just finshed feature and return immediatelly)
  • default player color changed
  • chat is hidden in single player game
  • submit connect dialog with enter
  • connect dialog: last remote host is remembered
  • rules update: Abbey placements is permitted after last landscape tile is drawn and placed
  • rules update: dragon and followers are permitted on features outsidethe City of Carcassonne (Count tiles) (accesible by portal or flier)
  • rules update: City of Carcassonne (Count expansion) treat as city for farm scoring and King purposes.
  • rules update: pig herds not stack (bonus is be awarded only once)
  • rules update: ransom can be paid only once during builder double turn
  • AI: Phantom support
  • AI: Festival expansion allowed (trivial support only, AI ignores it and never removes own follower)
  • fix: River II tile with city bridge over river should not separate farms
  • fix: flier should be allowed to place on occupied feature
  • fix: shortcut for save (Ctrl+S) is consumed by scroll down (S)
  • fix: connect - connection refused handling
  • fix: ghost meeples, sometimes removed meeples is displayed on screen forever
  • fix: phantom meeple ignores magic portal - (now portal can be used if not used in turn yet)
  • fix: meeple on bridge displayed incorrectly
  • fix: city with mayor only cannot be converted to castle
  • fix: followers placed on castles are lost after game load
  • fix: sometimes non-zero pack size after game end



  • in-game chat
  • remote players actions (inactive) are visible. So you can see remote player tile/meeple choices before placement.
  • Flier expansion updated:
    • follower is selected before dice roll
    • ui changed - follower is selected with click on fier symbol on tile. it triggers dire roll.
  • fix: abbey should not trigger builder extra turn when builder is placed in neighbouring city
  • fix: Corn Circles II definition - possible crash or impossible game load



  • fix: builder should trigger only single extra turn (introduced in 2.4)



  • Wind Rose expansion
  • grid can be scrolled by mouse drag
  • removed grid lines
  • AI improvements
  • fix: decreased sensitivity to mouse drag (very short drag was recognized as click) - it should prevent ignored "click" bug
  • fix: Cathars - escape action is optional (so player can pass it)



  • fix: sometimes game freezes when playing princess and dragon against AI (introduced in 2.2, know workaround save&load)



  • Java 7 required
  • add check for new version on startup (can be disabled in config.ini)
  • biggest city size / longest road length hint for king and scout bonuses is back (displayed on mouse over king or robber icon)
  • improved highlight shapes and meeples positioning for many tiles
  • one catapult tile changed - fĂŞte divides farm
  • emphasize captured follower when ransom can be paid (click on it to pay 3 points)
  • internal: meeple position on tile can be defined for each theme (points.xml in theme jar)
  • fix: corn circles - only followers are considered for corn actions
  • fix: synchronization issue causing sometimes useless output in error.log



  • 12 extra tiles from Winter-Edition
  • Corn Circles (full support instead of tiles only)
  • Corn Circles II
  • tiles count displayed along expansion in game set up dialog
  • plugin for RGG's Siege graphics (enable in config.ini)
  • fix: double skip is no longer required for Phantom expansion
  • fix: corn circles T-road - roads are separated
  • note: saved games from previous versions are incompatible



  • ro localization
  • config.ini - ai_place_tile_delay
  • fix: multiplied barn points when two or more barn are placed on same farm



  • fr localization update
  • fix: sometimes bazaars stop triggering auctions
  • fix: control help dialog height updated



  • Bridges, Castles and Bazaars expansion
  • The Phantom small expansion
  • The Festival (10th anniversary) small expansion
  • UI redesign
  • more controls options
    • cursors and A,S,W,D keys moves board
    • middle click centers board
  • optional ransom payment confirmation
  • Hungarian localization
  • fix: River I + River II + GQ11 crash bug



  • recompiled 2.0.3 for Java 6 (instead of a mistaken 7)



  • abbey phase: skip button gains focus (so Enter key can skip abbey easily)
  • rule clarification: farmers on 'barn farm' are scored during score phase in same time as other followers (
  • fix: invalid load of discarded tiles (when tiles is present in pack more than once)
  • fix: abbey "re-close feature issue" - city resources from vicinity cities can be assigned again, more than correct point for knight&scout bonus can be assigned)



  • Italian translation (thx to Giorgio C.)
  • River1 images replaced (images didn't work in Linux and they had a bad quality)
  • fix: do not allow pig deployment on barn farm
  • fix: some legal wagon moves can be missing
  • fix: game load for Princess and dragon when all dragon tiles were placed caused crash



  • improved predefined names cycling in create game dialog
  • AI plays fairy
  • guard for AI errors (freezing)
  • fix: score for barns
  • fix: dragon can't enter "The Count" initial tiles. Also magic gate to Count edge features are not possible.
  • fix: saved game with King & Scout don't lost information about biggest city / longest road
  • fix: fairy + builder's double turn - 1 point for fairy is added only once
  • fix: princess & dragon + river II - dragon is placed on lake with volcano
  • fix: barn cannot be eaten by dragon
  • fix: seducing last follower from city/farm must also remove builder/pig
  • fix: multiple network stubs if 'Create new game' selected from menu more then once



Many changes. Huge code rewrite. Remarkable points:

  • UI changes:
    • game dialogs
    • independent graphics theme
    • zoom on mouse wheel
  • save & load
  • players can choose player order
  • game over point statistics
  • small River and River II rules correction (U-turns rule, lake with city)
  • Crop circles, Plague and The Count of C. expansion tiles (without rules yet)
  • tile images in better quality
  • zoom performance
  • .ini instead of .xml for configuration
  • better Mac OS X support
  • open source (GitHub)



  • fix: viewport update after board size is extended
  • fix: builder on volcano & AI crash



  • fix: catapult city tile definition
  • fix: rare scoring bug



  • fix: 5/6 six players, colors exception
  • backport from 2.0; mouse wheel scroll, scroll bar in control panel



  • Russian translation by Andrew Mitrofanov



  • Dutch translation by Steven Post



  • French translation by Aegir



  • Polish translation by Tomasz Skowronski



  • fixed: 5 and 6 players game broken in 1.6.4



  • project renamed to JCloisterZone
  • Spanish translation by Luis Olcese
  • config file renamed to config.xml
  • fixed: number of tower pieces for 2 or 3 players game
  • fixed: unlimited tunnel pieces



  • Chinese translation (zh_TW, zh_HK, zh_CN locales) by Kingman Leung



  • beep notification is played also for dragon move
  • fixed: vagon move on cards from other expansions
  • fixed: black decoration on bright player colors (e.g. yellow)
  • fixed: tower placement icon, correct display on "just placed" tile
  • fixed: proper meeple position on particular "strange" card from expansions.



  • fixed: non-default 'default settings' in carcassonne.xml config has effect and works correctly



  • The Tunnel expansion
  • translation to Finnish (thanks to Jari H.)
  • fixed: mayor is not displayed in remote client
  • fixed: farm can contain two pig herds
  • fixed: preview icon remains rarely displayed after tile placement



  • Catapult cards
  • quick fix: dialog size in Linux, OpenJDK
  • empty initial page for EN locale


  • fixed: crash if expansion contains river tile (eg. GQ) and game is without rivers
  • fixed: placed barn is not displayed on remote client
  • fixed: possible missing vagon move
  • default client settings in carcassonne.xml


  • bugfixes
  • don't create empty error.log


  • Abbey & Mayor Expansion
  • new application icon
  • internal change: tile ids renamed, using expansion namespaces



  • code refactoring -> no backward compatibility !
  • The Cult expansion
  • princess and dragon - AI time consumption fixed for 'magic gate' tiles
  • fixed: final farm scoring


  • small rules change: follower can be placed on tower with minimal height 1 (it means no placement directly on tower base)
  • fixed: follower correctly displayed when placed on farm on two tiles from Traders & Builders (tileId: T0121_C, T0121_W)


  • fixed: possible crash (NullPointerException) when playing Tower and Princess expansions
  • fixed: builder cannot be captured
  • fixed: correct tower height alignment


  • Tower expansion
  • default checkbox state for expansions can by set in config
  • action selection can be done by click on appropriate icon on panel
  • figures on farms marked (also on towers)
  • optional placement confirmation during follower placement on tower or farm
  • show dragon remaining moves
  • flash on last placed tile
  • placement history (use 'x' key to activate)
  • tooltip for King And Scout expansion bonuses - information about biggest city & longest road
  • AI supports Princes And Dragon expansion (experimental version, need improvements and optimizations)
  • history of remote addresses and player names -> removed default player name from config file


  • fixed: starting card only once instead 4-times.


  • fixed dumb AI
  • removed AI config from carcassonne.xml


  • fixed: builder ignored in play against AI (appears in 1.2)


  • required Java 6.0
  • fixed scoring double figures at end of the game
  • information about game in "add player" dialog
  • version compatibility check for remote connection
  • splash screen

many internal changes in code

  • network protocol revisited --> maybe fixed occasionally game freezing
  • AI architecture revisited
  • code optimizations (code style, memory consumtion, speed)


  • River II expansion
  • Slovak translation
  • default custom rules in config
  • default player name in config
  • text anti-aliasing (score, nickname)
  • background for assigned score
  • final scoring remains on board
  • river end fix
  • beep alert option
  • info box displayed when tile is discarded (if doesn't fit to any place)


  • custom rules
  • network protocol changed - fixed bug with lost messages at end of game
  • improved emphasized areas for figure placement on "strange" cards - area fit a real shape


  • minor card definition fix


  • small expansions (GQ, The Cathars)


  • bug fixes


  • graphics anti-aliasing
  • princess and dragon expansion
  • interface changed, especially for figure/action placement
  • assigned points are shown on board
  • network layer revised
  • application core mainly revised


  • replaced communication protocol, Serialization instead XML
  • external libraries for XML processing removed --> much smaller application size
  • "builder and pig hiding" bug fixed
  • shows player resources in control panel in proper form
  • yellow double figure has black "2" label
  • shows selected extensions when connect to game


  • Traders and builders expansion
  • "invisible figure" bug repaired
  • full screen
  • emphasized cities nicer :)
  • AI from 0.8.2 version available in basic game


  • full support of king & scout
  • first extension (inns & cathedrals, double figure, ...)
  • GUI changed
  • shortcuts for next turn (ENTER), zoom in (+), zoom out (-)


  • Ant build script
  • buttons disabling
  • minor bug fixes


  • various nicknames of more AI players in one game
  • replaced river tile images with better ones
  • AI placed figures are drawn same as player figures - f.e. centered on score object
  • area for figure place emphasize rewritten
  • king & scout card added (not rules yet)


  • initial version