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Final Case


This activity was designed as a group exercise in ILT (Instructor Lead Trainigs). But you also can do it if you are doing the workshop alone.

This culminating activity will allow you and your group to get hands-on experience designing and architecting an intelligent agent from end-to-end. The output of this activity is for students to work together and build on what they've learned to design and architect an intelligent agent.

Case Study

Contoso Vineyard is a relatively new vineyard that is gaining popularity quickly due to several factors. One reason is that Contoso Vineyard operates on a monthly subscription model, with progressive discounts. The company has an award-winning customer service, what helped the business growth in South America countries. While Gold subscribers can chat with sommeliers to customize the next wine delivery, Silver clients can chat with intelligent bots to customize their options.

Now the company needs to increase their search capabilities, for channels like chat, web portal and mobile Application. Contoso Vineyard needs to enrich and index their product catalog to increase accuracy of clients and sommeliers searchs. The product catalog is a series of HTML, Microsoft Word and PDFs documents. Some of them have images and they are all written in english, a problem for their Latin America clients. They also wants to provide links for places, grapes and other entities their data has. The company owner and the Master Sommelier are famous figures and the marketing department wants to highlight this as well.


Using what you've learned throughout the course, develop a potential Cognitive Search enrichment pipeline to help the company achieve their search business gols. The expected outputs of this exercise are:

  1. High Level architecture of the solution.
  2. List of the predefined and custom skills.
  3. The skills sequence and how they are integrated.
  4. The necessary Azure Search tier for this solution.

Your group should be ready to present to the other teams. Your presentation should basically be a combination of all of the activities you've completed prior to now.

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