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Hobby x86 operating system created in C
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Lambda OS v0.1.2

*** Description ***

Lambda OS is a hobby operating system developed by Peter Farley. Lambda OS
is designed to work on any i386-compatible processor, but the design of
Lambda OS allows for easier addition of new architectures without any
major modification of the main kernel code. 

*** Building ***

To be able to build Lambda OS, you need the following tools:
  - x86 or x86_64 PC (Unless you are using a cross-compiler)
  - `gcc`
  - `nasm`
  - `make`
  - `cpio`
  - `eu-readelf` (elfutils)
  - `xorriso` and `grub-mkrescue`

To build Lambda OS:
  - (If fisrt time) Clone the Lambda OS code repository.
  - (If not first time) Run `git pull`
  - Make: `make`

*** More Documentation ***

Documentation on various parts of Lambda OS can be found in the `docs`

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