Raspberry Pi-powered brains behind my home kegerator and bar.
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Raspberry Pi-powered brains behind my home kegerator and bar.

This repo runs on a $10 Raspberry Pi Zero W, with 2 flow meters installed within the keg lines to measure how much beer flows for each pour. Each click is measured, and after 10 seconds of inactivity, a calculation is made, and details of the pour are logged to a PostgreSQL database and emitted to a custom Apache Kafka stream for future downstream processing.

Heavily influenced by https://github.com/adafruit/Kegomatic.

Some fun ideas for future improvements:

  • full writeup of hardware and software development process!
  • a UI for registering new kegs, measuring how much is left in current keg, and viewing historic pour data
  • a realtime alert system when a certain amount has been poured (eg, "You've used 90% of Keg #1, time to brew again!")
  • a user service for allowing friends to register their own pours (fingerprint scanner? face detection?)
  • a safety shutoff valve (requires installation of in-line solenoid)