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Web-based farm management and recordkeeping


  1. farmOS Public

    farmOS: A web-based farm record keeping application.

    PHP 559 175

  2. farmOS-map Public

    farmOS Map is an OpenLayers wrapper library designed for agricultural mapping needs. It can be used in any project that has similar requirements.

    JavaScript 21 16

  3. farmOS.js Public

    A JavaScript library for working with farmOS data structures and interacting with farmOS servers.

    JavaScript 11 10

  4. Public

    A Python library for interacting with farmOS over API.

    Python 20 9

  5. An application for aggregating data from multiple farmOS instances.

    Python 14 8

  6. field-kit Public

    A modular, offline-first companion app to farmOS.

    JavaScript 52 36


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