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farmOS Client

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farmOS Client is a lightweight application for connecting to a farmOS server from any mobile device. It is a hybrid app, meaning it can run in a web browser but can also be packaged as a native app for iOS and Android. The goal is to create a fast and focused client app for day-to-day and in-the-field record keeping that stores data locally for offline use, and syncs back to a farmOS server when internet access is available.

Note that the default branch for this repository is develop, not master; develop should represent the most current set of complete features that are only awaiting further testing before release. You should branch or fork off develop and submit pull requests to be merged back into it. The deploy branch respresents the latest tagged release.


To run the client in your browser using the Webpack DevServer, clone this repo and run:

# install dependencies
npm install

# serve with hot reload at localhost:8080
npm start

For more details on the client's development and how to build it from source for native devices, see the documentation on

If you would like to install and host a farmOS server yourself, see the official documentation on

If you would like to pay for hosting, Farmier provides affordable options for individual farms and organizations.


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A simplified farmOS app that works offline in both browser and native app form.




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