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Build your Windows 10 IoT Core Sensor Device

This lab document is to help students with the FarmBeats Student Kit device setup.

There are currently two variations of the Student Kit that are being distributed.

  • The quick version removes the steps required to install the software and extract the Device ID yourself
  • The standard version guides students through the full device installation process as part of the learning experience

The quick setup

To identify if you have the quick version, look on the bottom of your Raspeberry Pi. If your Raspberry Pi has a Device ID sticker on it then you have the quick version and you are not required to complete most of this setup section.

The standard setup

For the standard kit without this Device ID already extracted there are several sub steps that we have broken down into individual documents that you will need to follow before proceeding to Step 2:

To complete this stage of the installation you will require:

  • A complete FarmBeats Student Kit with Raspberry Pi and Sensors

  • A Windows PC (not required if you received a pre-installed SD card)

  • The device password “p@ssw0rd” (for pre-installed SD cards)

  • A mouse, keyboard and HDMI monitor

  • An internet connection (wired preferred)

  • A small Philips head screwdriver

  • The latest FarmBeats Labs Sensor Application for the Indoor M1 software.

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