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Register your FarmBeats Student Kit User and Device

To get your FarmBeats Student Kit devices connected to the cloud you need to register the unique ID from each device and get it provisioned to the Azure IoT Central Cloud Service.

The FarmBeats Student Kit portal makes this easier for you by providing you with a simple way to register your user and then your device so configuration of the cloud service is done for you.

Note: It is recommended that you start your web browser in a Private Mode to avoid conflicts with the username that you might already being logged into other sites with.

Register your user at the FarmBeats Student Kit Portal

  • Please check the URL on the outside of the Student Kit or on the Getting Started Guide and visit the portal using that URL.

    • If you have received your Student Kit from your school or other educational organization then it’s likely that you would have a customized registration process. E.g.

    • If you have received your Student Kit independent of an educational organization then just use the base URL of

  • To login for the first time click either the Login or the Activate Your Kit button on the home page. Note: In the top right of the page it will show if you are logged in already. If you are already logged in with an account that you don’t want to use for the Student Kit then log out and visit the page again.

  • At the login page, either select the account you want to log in with or use another account.

  • Enter your user name and password.

Note: If you don’t already have a Microsoft Work or School account or a Microsoft Account like an Outlook, Live or Hotmail user name then this process will create a MSA on top of your existing email address.

  • If it’s your first time logging in then you will be redirected to the User Registration Page. If you have logged in before you will need to select Activate your Kit from the Getting Started section.

  • On the registration page your name and email address will already be provided from your login account. Continue to fill in the remaining information.

  • If you are registered as part of an organization then you will need to also fill out any information the might be customized specific to the organization you are affiliated with.

  • Note: when you try to type the address in the address field it’s only going to accept from the nearest town and not to the exact address.

  • Once you have filled out the form you will need to select any confirmation boxes for policies on this page.

  • Submit the form to complete the account creation. You have now registered your user.

  • From there the next steps are to register your device or devices.

Register your devices

The FarmBeats Student Kit cloud service is provided for free up to a 5 device limit per user. Any additional devices over the 5 device limit will incur cost. Devices added over the free limit will be programmatically removed unless billing information is provided. Please contact us to arrange.

  • To register your Student Kit device you are going to need a unique Device ID to use as the claim code. The Device ID that we use is from the Mac address of the LAN adapter on your Raspberry Pi. Instructions for obtaining the claim code are in part 1 of the instructions for setting up your device.

  • When you have registered your first device the provisioning process will start and the portal will generate your Azure IoT Central application and add your device.

  • When the provisioning process is complete you will be sent a confirmation email and be redirected to the Student Kit Portal profile page.

  • In the email and on the profile page you will be able to see your Azure IoT Central URL. There is a copy icon beside this field to copy the URL to the clipboard.

User account and device registration complete

Register a second device

  • If you have a second device to register you can do it here by pressing the “Add Device” button.

  • You will receive an email for every device you add.

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