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WordPress Image Gallery: Reloaded

This is a restart of a project I started a long, long time ago and has been dormant since 2007. I left the blogging world for all intents and purposes from 2007 until the past year - and didn't have the need or means to maintain my webserver.

Thankfully, that situation has changed a bit and I once again find myself in need of a WordPress Image Gallery that's able to accomplish what I need in a no-nonsense fashion.

Licensing Notes

Although the previous versions of the plugin were licensed under the GPLv2, I've decided to license this rewrite under the much more permissive Apache license. I know there were a handful of people who made modifications of the previous versions and didn't make their changes available to others.

No hard feelings. Now you can do it without loosing any sleep at night.

You can find the official project page here, which will be maintained as a brochure page alongside the github repo.

Legacy 1.4 branch

I've checked in the legacy code to use as a reference point. My goal is to get WPIG 2.0 to have all the same functionality as 1.4, execept to end up with a more structured codebase that separates HTML and PHP code - so maintaining it won't be such a nightmare. (I've swallowed the MVC kool-aid in the intervening years.)