A fork of mads379's tmbundle with updates for the latest version of the ENSIME protocol.
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ENSIME TextMate Bundle

This is a fork of the bundle originally written by mads397. You can find the original bundle here. Additionally, you can see a preview video of the bundle in action here.

I (Matt Farmer) am currently in the process of updating this bundle to support the latest version of the swank protocol. I'm working against ENSIME 0.9.2 RC2 for Scala 2.8. My plans are to provide further enhancements to this bundle after the original functionality is restored.

Using it

NOTICE: You need to have an .ensime project file in the root of your project. For more information about this file please read the ENSIME manual. If you're using the SBT build system, you should be able to install the ensime plugin. Details are in the README of the ENSIME project. To generate your .ensime file simply open up sbt in interactive mode and run ensime generate from your project root.

Aside: I've seen some weirdness in projects I'm working on where sbt wraps everything in a subproject directive inside the .ensime file. I haven't figured out if this is a bug in my project configuration or if it is a bug in sbt 0.11.2, but if you see this happen just manually edit the .ensime file to fix it.

Now open a file file in that project and hit ⌃⇧R and chose "Start ENSIME". This will start the ENSIME backend and the output will be written in a HTML output window. You can safely minimize this window now. Now initialize ENSIME by hitting ⌃⇧R and pick the command "Initialize ENSIME". This will send your project file to ENSIME and it will start analyzing your code. After a few seconds ENSIME is ready to help you out.

  • Refactoring
    • Organize imports (⌃⇧H): This will organize your imports and remove any unused imports. (working)
    • Reformat Document (⌃⇧H): This will reformat the current document. (untested)
    • Rename (⌃⇧H): This will rename the selected text. (working)
  • Other
    • Navigation (⌘⇧C): Works just like Go-to-file expect it knows about the classes/objects/traits/etc. in your project. This will show all of the members in all of the packages in your project. You can navigate the list using the arrow-keys and filter it using the search field at the top. Hitting enter will open the file where the selected item was declared and move the caret to the appropriate line. (working)
    • Inspect (⌃⇧i): This will show a tooltip with the type of the expression under the caret. (working)
    • Type check project(⌃⇧V): This will type check your project. If there are any errors it will display a drop-down list with the errors. If you pick one of the items it will jump to that line in the file with the error. (type check occurs, but doesn't display results properly)
    • Code completion (⌥⎋): This will do code-completion or either types or methods depending on when you call it. (partially working)

Code complete currently has some weirdness that isn't obvious.

  • First, completing a local variable works as one would expect. Start typing it and hit the key combo.
  • To complete a class member you'll be required to type as much as you know (if any) of the member name, a space, then the key combination. This has to do with how ENSIME interprets scope vs type completion. I'm going to attempt to mitigate this difference soon.
  • Additionally, there are some issues with method completion. The bundle becomes convinced that all methods take one argument that is a String. This is a known bug that I'm working on.


First, you'll need to install ENSIME. You can hop over to the ENSIME GitHub page and download a copy. I'm working against 0.9.2 RC2. After you download ENSIME, unzip it wherever you like.

To install the bundle simply run the following in your terminal:

git clone https://github.com/farmdawgnation/ensime.tmbundle.git
open ensime.tmbundle

Add the shell variable ENSIME_HOME in TextMate -> Preferences... -> Advanced -> Shell Variables to the root of your ENSIME distribution (This would be the path to the folder you just unpacked). For me this is /Users/matt/ensime_2.8.3-SNAPSHOT-0.9.3.RC2


This bundle takes advantage of the ENSIME backend to bring IDE features to TextMate Scala projects.