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Dockerized Ghost for Great Fun and Profit.
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Matt Farmer's Ghost Docker Image

This is a docker image that can be used to run a Ghost blog. I use it for my personal blogs, and you're welcome to use it as well. Pull requests are welcome, but ultimately I'm the primary consumer of this image so I won't accept things that make my deployment super painful.

Deploying to Kubernetes

I provide a helm chart that wraps this image if you'd like to deploy this image to Kubernetes. To use it, you can add my Helm repository to your helm CLI and install the chart.

helm repo add farmdawgnation
helm install farmdawgnation/ghost -f myvalues.yaml

You can take a look at the possible values you can set for the helm chart in the values.yaml file for the actual helm implementation.

Deploying elsewhere

When deploying the image elsewhere you'll want to ensure you mount two things into the container:

  1. You'll want to mount a content volume at /opt/ghost/content inside the container. For new installations we recommend initializing the contents of your volume with the contents of /opt/ghost/content from within the image.
  2. You'll want to mount your configuration file into /opt/ghost. If you run in production mode (with NODE_ENV=production) you'll want to mount this file as /opt/ghost/config.production.json. If you're not running in production mode then you'll want to mount it as /opt/ghost/config.development.json.
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