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Welcome to the GitHub repository for the Farmstead Cooperative documents, a set of legal documents that were written for a forming and running a Maine LLC but may be used as a template to extend the idea of a Farmstead Cooperative would be helpful for a land owner. For more information on this and these documents, please refer to the Farmstead Cooperative blog or our Release Notes here on GitHub.


The documents (other than .md) posted here are marked up in HTML5 to maintain the specific formatting of centered titles and indented sub-sections that were initially generated. My understanding is that this is a standard format for documents submitted to legal review. To help them render at the same way they are rendered elsewhere, as well as when converted to a word processing format such as .docx, there is a minimal use of of carriage return/line feed used (thus an absense of white space) to prevent over spacing of each line and thus keeping the rendered pages as readable as possible. The documents can be rendered as a Project Pages using


We welcome contributions in the form of issues or pull requests. All other comments can be directed to the blog.


Farmstead Cooperative documents are open sourced under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (


Neither I nor assumes any responsibility for any consequence of using these documents. These documents have been prepared for informational purposes and is not intended to (a) constitute legal advice (b) create an attorney-client relationship (c) be advertising or a solicitation of any type. Each situation is highly fact specific and requires a knowledge of both state and federal laws and therefore any party should seek legal advice from a licensed attorney in the relevant jurisdictions. Both I and expressly disclaim any and all liability with respect to actions or omissions based on this website.


A template for a Maine-based Farmstead Cooperative organized as an LLC







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