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JavaScript Linkify: Process links in text

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New In This Fork:

This fork aggregates work from two other forks. It also fixes an caused when linkify is given a string with no links in it.

From @eliellis:

Updated the Top Level Domain list.

Added By @mahemoff:

Twitter option

linkify('@mahemoff', { twitter: true })

becomes: @mahemoff

In doing so, there's some refactoring to simplify the way the uber URI regexp is built up. There's also some basic support for Node and a tiny test (in CoffeeScript).

Attribs option

linkify('', { attribs: { target: '_blank' } })


Note these links have target='_blank' as an extra attribute, in addition to the regular href and title.

JavaScript Linkify: Process links in text!

Version: 0.3, Last updated: 6/27/2009

Visit the project page for more information and usage examples!



This working example, complete with fully commented code, illustrates one way in which this code can be used.

Support and Testing

Information about what browsers this code has been tested in.

Browsers Tested

Internet Explorer 6-8, Firefox 3-3.5, Safari 3-4, Chrome, Opera 9.

Release History

0.3 - (6/27/2009) Initial release


Copyright (c) 2009 "Cowboy" Ben Alman
Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses.

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