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CLI for downloading iCloud file
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This is a simple CLI interface for fetching file and folder from the iCloud Storage.

Why this CLI ?

Downloading a file stored on iCloud from the Finder is easy, one click and you are done. But when you are on a terminal, you can't open a .icloud file in order to force download the file. iCloudDownloader is here to fix this issue by provinding a quick command for force download an iCloud file.


  • Download the lastest version
  • Extract the file : tar -xf ./icd_1.0.tar
  • Move the executable to the /usr/local/bin/ : mv ./icd /usr/local/bin/icd


  • Download a file : icd <local_file_path>
  • Download a fodler : icd <local_folder_path>
  • Download all current folder : icd -A


iCloudDownloader should work on macOS 10.2 Sierra, and on OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

Futur improvement

  • Create a full iCloud manager from the terminal
    • Erase file
    • See download progression
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