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Faros Community Edition

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DORA Metrics

Faros Community Edition (CE) is an open-source engineering operations platform that connects the dots between all your operational data sources for a single-pane view across the software development life cycle.

✨ Features

  • Rich Data Schema: Connected canonical models for the whole SDLC; 50+ entities, from tasks to deployments
  • Import from a variety of sources: Easy data import onto our models from Task Management, Version Control, Incident Management, and CI/CD systems
  • Flexible GraphQL API: Leverage imported data for automation / exploration in our canonical representation
  • Preconfigured dashboards: View well known engineering metrics such as DORA and SPACE
  • Extensibility and shareability: Build and share custom metrics and dashboards
  • Container-based deployment: Run on your laptop, private or public cloud, with no external dependencies

🏁 One-liner to get Git + Jira analytics on your laptop in 10 minutes

Requires Docker Desktop and git. Open your favorite terminal and run the install script:

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL" _ --source github_readme

For more info about the script see 🧑 Faros Essentials.

Install Flow

For a step by step instructions follow our 🏁 Quickstart Guide to connect your engineering systems and explore the metrics, all while learning about Airbyte, Metabase, Hasura and n8n!

βš™οΈ System Components


Built 100% with open-source components:

  • Airbyte: Data integration platform for importing data from a variety of sources (even more sources)
  • Hasura: GraphQL engine that makes your data accessible over a real-time GraphQL API
  • Metabase: Business Intelligence (BI) tool for generating metrics and rendering charts and dashboards from your data
  • dbt: Data transformations to convert raw data into usable metrics
  • n8n: Extendable workflow automation of top of your data
  • PostgreSQL: Stores all the your data in canonical representation
  • Docker: Container runtime to run the services
  • Flyway: Schema evolution for the database schema
  • Faros Events CLI: CLI for reporting events to Faros platform, e.g builds & deployments from your CI/CD pipelines

πŸ€— Community support

For general help using Faros CE, please refer to the official documentation. For additional help, you can use one of these channels to ask a question:

  • Slack: Live discussions with the Community and Faros team
  • GitHub Issues: Bug reports, suggestions, contributions

Check out our website. Follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn to get the latest company news.

πŸ“œ License

Apache License 2.0