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Git hooks for starting builds locally by doing git push
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Git hooks for starting builds locally by doing git push


  1. Clone a bare local repository of a project for which you want to setup builds on push
    git clone --bare -l --no-tags source dest
  2. Make the new repository be a remote of where you cloned from
    git remote add remote-name dest
  3. Copy pre-receive and post-receive to dest/hooks
  4. Create a git alias to push a branch to dest. pre-receive and post-receive use the environment variables $BUILD_DIR and $BUILD_COMMAND to find out where and how to build. $BUILD_DIR should point to where you want to check out and $BUILD_COMMAND should be the command to build. Something like this in your repository's .git/config will do the trick:
        build = "! BUILD_DIR=\"/path/to/src/build/\" BUILD_COMMAND=\"./build\" git push -f dest $2"
  5. Then all you do is:
    git build branch-name

You're going to notice that to actually trigger that build you need the push to go through. This means that you have to make sure that the branch isn't there before you push it. This you do as usual with:

git push --delete dest branch-name

And to stifle the warnings about deleting a branch you're on you'd also have to do the following in dest:

git config receive.denyDeleteCurrent ignore

Also note that the pre-receive hook will create a lock file to not allow starting multiple builds. If you cancel your build before completion you need to remove dest/.context-switch--building before being able to build again.

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