A telemetry viewer written in Java, using the Swing and RXTX libraries.
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This code is released into the public domain.

For details about this project, please see:

The code is split into eight classes: Main, Database, TelemetryGUI, ConfigurationLoader, SerialConfigPanel, SerialPortListener, BallPanel and LineGraph. The TelemetryGUI class has two inner classes: TelemetryGroup and TelemetryItem.

Main simply creates an instance of the Database and TelemetryGUI classes.

Database is used to store the history of values for each data point.

TelemetryGUI configures the main window and creates an instance of the ConfigurationLoader to read the configuration text file and make the corresponding panels. A BallPanel is used to visualize the robot's pitch and yaw angles. A SerialConfigPanel shows the available serial ports and baud rates, and allows the user to establish a connection with the selected port.

SerialPortListener is used to spawn a new thread that monitors the RS232 link, interprets incoming text, and populates the database with new values.

LineGraph is a window that shows the recent history of an item in the form of a constantly updating line graph.