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(ns scad-clj.model
(:refer-clojure :exclude [import use])
(:require [clojure.walk :refer [postwalk]]
[clojure.core.match :refer [match]]
[scad-clj.text :refer [text-parts]]
(def pi Math/PI)
(def tau (* 2 pi))
(defn rad->deg [radians]
(/ (* radians 180) pi))
(defn deg->rad [degrees]
(* (/ degrees 180) pi))
;; special variables
(defn fa! [x]
`(:fa ~x))
(defn fn! [x]
`(:fn ~x))
(defn fs! [x]
`(:fs ~x))
(def ^:dynamic *fa* false)
(def ^:dynamic *fn* false)
(def ^:dynamic *fs* false)
(def ^:dynamic *center* true)
(defn with-f* [f x block]
`(binding [~f ~x]
(postwalk identity (list ~@block))))
(defmacro with-fa [x & block]
(with-f* 'scad-clj.model/*fa* x block))
(defmacro with-fn [x & block]
(with-f* 'scad-clj.model/*fn* x block))
(defmacro with-fs [x & block]
(with-f* 'scad-clj.model/*fs* x block))
(defmacro with-center [x & block]
(with-f* 'scad-clj.model/*center* x block))
;; Modifier
(defn modifier [modifier & block]
(if (some #{modifier} [:# :% :* :!])
`(:modifier ~(name modifier) ~@block)))
(defn -# [& block] (modifier :# block))
(defn -% [& block] (modifier :% block))
(defn -* [& block] (modifier :* block))
(defn -! [& block] (modifier :! block))
;; Include & call into Scad libraries
(defn import [file]
`(:import ~file))
(defn include [library]
`(:include {:library ~library}))
(defn use [library]
`(:use {:library ~library}))
(defn libraries [& {uses :use includes :include}]
(map use uses)
(map include includes)))
(defn call [function & args]
`(:call {:function ~(name function)} ~args))
(defn call-module [module & args]
`(:call-module-no-block {:module ~(name module)} ~args))
(defn call-module-with-block [module & args]
`(:call-module-with-block {:module ~(name module)} ~args))
(defn define-module [module & body]
`(:define-module {:module ~(name module)} ~body))
;; 2D
(defn square [x y & {:keys [center] :or {center *center*}}]
`(:square ~{:x x, :y y, :center center}))
(defn circle [r]
(let [args (merge {:r r}
(if *fa* {:fa *fa*})
(if *fn* {:fn *fn*})
(if *fs* {:fs *fs*}))]
`(:circle ~args)))
(defn polygon
`(:polygon {:points ~points}))
([points paths & {:keys [convexity]}]
`(:polygon {:points ~points, :paths ~paths, :convexity ~convexity})))
;; 3D
(defn sphere [r]
(let [args (merge {:r r}
(if *fa* {:fa *fa*})
(if *fn* {:fn *fn*})
(if *fs* {:fs *fs*}))]
`(:sphere ~args)))
(defn cube [x y z & {:keys [center] :or {center *center*}}]
`(:cube ~{:x x, :y y, :z z, :center center}))
(defn cylinder [rs h & {:keys [center] :or {center *center*}}]
(let [fargs (merge (if *fa* {:fa *fa*})
(if *fn* {:fn *fn*})
(if *fs* {:fs *fs*}))]
(match [rs]
[[r1 r2]] `(:cylinder ~(merge fargs {:h h, :r1 r1, :r2 r2, :center center}))
[r] `(:cylinder ~(merge fargs {:h h, :r r, :center center})))))
(defn polyhedron
([points faces]
`(:polyhedron {:points ~points :faces ~faces}))
([points faces & {:keys [convexity]}]
`(:polyhedron {:points ~points :faces ~faces :convexity ~convexity})))
;; transformations
(defn resize [[x y z] & block]
(let [is-auto (and (keyword? (first block))
(= :auto (first block)))
auto (if is-auto (second block))
block (if is-auto (rest (rest block)) block)]
`(:resize {:x ~x :y ~y :z ~z :auto ~auto} ~@block)))
(defn translate [[x y z] & block]
`(:translate [~x ~y ~z] ~@block))
; multi-arity can't have more than one signature with variable arity. '&'.
(defn rotatev [a [x y z] & block]
`(:rotatev [~a [~x ~y ~z]] ~@block))
(defn rotatec [[x y z] & block]
`(:rotatec [~x ~y ~z] ~@block))
(defn rotate [& block]
(if (number? (first block))
(rotatev (first block) (second block) (rest (rest block)))
(rotatec (first block) (rest block))))
(defn scale [[x y z] & block]
`(:scale [~x ~y ~z] ~@block))
(defn mirror [[x y z] & block]
`(:mirror [~x ~y ~z] ~@block))
(defn color [[r g b a] & block]
`(:color [~r ~g ~b ~a] ~@block))
(defn hull [ & block]
`(:hull ~@block))
(defn offset [r & block]
`(:offset {:r ~r} ~@block))
(defn minkowski [ & block]
`(:minkowski ~@block))
;; Boolean operations
(defn union [ & block]
`(:union ~@block))
(defn intersection [ & block]
`(:intersection ~@block))
(defn difference [ & block]
`(:difference ~@block))
;; other
(defn extrude-linear [{:keys [height twist convexity center scale] :or {center *center*}} & block]
`(:extrude-linear {:height ~height :twist ~twist :convexity ~convexity :center ~center :scale ~scale} ~@block))
(defn extrude-rotate
([ block ]
(let [args (if *fn* {:fn *fn*} {})]
`(:extrude-rotate ~args ~block)))
([{:keys [convexity angle]} block]
(let [args (merge {:convexity convexity :angle angle}
(if *fn* {:fn *fn*} {}))]
`(:extrude-rotate ~args ~block))))
(defn surface [filepath & {:keys [convexity center] :or {center *center*}}]
`(:surface ~{:filepath filepath :convexity convexity :center center}))
(defn projection [cut & block]
`(:projection {:cut cut} ~@block))
(defn project [& block]
`(:projection {:cut false} ~@block))
(defn cut [& block]
`(:projection {:cut true} ~@block))
(defn render [& block]
(if (and (seq block)
(number? (first block)))
(let [[c & bl] block]
`(:render {:convexity ~c} ~@bl))
`(:render {:convexity 1} ~@block)))
(defn excise "like difference, but subtraction is from the last node, not the first"
[& nodes]
(difference (last nodes) (drop-last nodes)))
;; text
(defn text [text & {:as args}]
(let [args (merge {:text text} args)]
`(:text ~args)))
(defn polygon-text [font size text]
(let [even-odd-paths (text-parts font size text)]
(reduce (fn [{:keys [union? shape]} paths]
(if union?
{:union? false
:shape (apply union shape (map polygon paths))}
{:union? true
:shape (apply difference shape (map polygon paths))}))
{:union? true}
;; extended
(defn extrude-curve [{:keys [height radius angle n]} block]
(let [lim (Math/floor (/ n 2))
phi (/ (/ angle (dec n)) 2)]
(apply union
(map (fn [x]
(let [theta (* 0.5 angle (/ x lim) )
r radius
dx (* r (- (Math/sin theta)
(* theta (Math/cos theta))))
dz (* r (+ (Math/cos theta)
(* theta (Math/sin theta)) (- 1)))]
(translate [(+ dx (* 0 (Math/sin theta) (/ height 2)))
(+ dz (* 0 (Math/cos theta) (/ height 2)))]
(rotate theta [0 1 0]
(translate [(* r theta) 0 0]
(cube (* 2 (+ r height) (Math/sin phi))
1000 (* 2 height)))
(extrude-linear {:height height}
(range (- lim) (inc lim))))))