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A more complete library of CSS completions for Sublime Text
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Sublime CSS Completions

A more complete library of CSS autocompletion for Sublime Text. Instructions for use:

  1. Put css.sublime-completions anywhere in your Sublime Text Packages folder (look for “Browse Packages...” in ST preferences)
  2. Restart Sublime Text
  3. Party!
  4. Contribute to this list so that everyone can get better CSS completion.

Stuff I’m aware of

  • Sublime Text already has a lot of CSS autocompletions. There are definitely some duplicates in here.
  • Not every property has been explicitly defined. For example, there are no animation-*** properties—only the root animation property.
  • Only properties are autocompleted. Some time in the future, I’d like to have both properties and valid values autocompleted. If anyone knows how to do that, please contribute!

Who are you?

I’m Dan. Nice to meet you.

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