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React Native scroll bar component for fast scrolling
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react-native-quick-scroll npm version

Customizable and performant React Native scroll bar component for quickly scrolling through large lists (based on FlatList)


Demo gif


Install with npm

npm install --save react-native-quick-scroll

Or install with Yarn

yarn add react-native-quick-scroll


import QuickScrollList from 'react-native-quick-scroll';
	keyExtractor={(item, index) => String(}
	viewportHeight={ScreenHeight - TabHeight}


Inherits all valid FlatList props, except ref and showsVerticalScrollIndicator. Also accepts the following props:

Prop Type Default Value Description Required
itemHeight number Height of an item in the FlatList Yes
viewportHeight number Height of the FlatList area visible on screen at a given time Yes
thumbHeight number 80 Height of the scroll bar thumb No
touchAreaWidth number 25 Width of the touchable area around thumb No
flashDuration number 40 The time taken by the animation to move scroll bar on-screen after the scroll has begun (in ms) No
flashOutDuration number 1500 The time after which scroll bar disappears (in ms) No
rightOffset number 15 The distance of the scroll bar from the right edge of screen No
thumbStyle object Style object for the scroll bar thumb (Don't pass height here, use the thumbHeight prop instead) No
scrollbarStyle object Style object for the scroll bar No
containerStyle object Style object for the parent container No
hiddenPosition number ScreenWidth + 15 The off-screen position where the scroll bar thumb moves to after flashOutDuration No

Todo (PRs welcome!)

  • Add native driver support
  • Implement with react-native-interactable for better performance
  • Rewrite with TypeScript
  • Add support for FlatList ref
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