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Simple and convenient way of keeping track of packages and deliveries. Pactrac will automatically find tracking numbers and store them so you can quickly check their status.

Pactrac is a Google Chrome extension.

Basic Usage

If you are on a webpage with a tracking number you would like to keep track of, when you click the Pactrac icon the extension will find the tracking numbers and present them to you in a list (with a dark background). You are able to provide a more specific description of any of the tracking numbers you are going to store. The extension automatically keeps track of which website or store you have ordered from. When you hit the + button, the tracking number will be stored in your list (light background), so you can quickly check on its status whenever you like without having to hunt down the tracking number. Once you are done with a tracking number, simply hit the - button to remove it from the list.

Supported Shippers

Currently UPS, FedEx, and USPS are supported by Pactrac. More carriers will be added in the future.

To Do

[ ] Manual entry of host data, for adding from carrier pages, webmail, etc [ ] Manual entry of tracking numbers (i.e. w/o scraping) [ ] Additional carrier support [ ] Way of dealing with pattern overlap