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LessCSS is a helper which automatically compiles LESS files to CSS whenever the LESS files are modified.

It works with Brubeck and web frameworks. Although it's not tested on other frameworks such as bottle, it should work without any problems.

Sample Brubeck and projects are in examples folder.

Note: You need to install less before using this helper.


$ pip install lesscss


from lesscss import LessCSS
LessCSS(media_dir='media', exclude_dirs=['img', 'js'], based=True)


  • media_dir: Directory where you put static/media files such as css/js/img.
  • exclude_dirs: Directories you don't want to be searched. It'd be pointless to search for less files in an images directory. This parameter is expected to be a list.
  • based: If it's set True then LessCSS will generate the style-(base60).css version as well (for example; style-dHCFD.css). This is useful if you set expire times of static files to a distant future since browsers will not retrieve those files unless the name is different or the cache has expired. This parameter is expected to be a boolean value.
  • compressed: If it's set True then LessCSS will minimize the generated CSS files. This parameter is expected to be a boolean value.
  • compression: Specifies the type of compression to use. Default to the normal compression, 'x'. Other option is to use the YUI Compressor, 'yui'. See "Command-line Usage" at
  • output_dir: Absolute path of the folder where compiled CSS files should be put.


  • Automatically set CSS name in HTML templates.


Released under BSD, see LICENSE for details.


Code is based on Steve Losh's flask-lesscss.

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