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wpk2.png skeleton

This is a sample skeleton for a application.

The structure is:

  • doc: Documentation of the project.
  • licenses: Project license or any other licenses used by 3rd party libraries go here.
  • requirements: Mandatory Python libraries to install with pip.
  • sh: Bash script files of the project.
  • www: Project's www folder.
    • app: The application itself.
      • controllers: Handlers of the application. Each {name}_handler is a module.
      • models: Models of the application.
      • bridge: Here goes the services that connects with another services (such as a socket server running on Java).
      • tools: These are libraries which are dependent to application.
      • views: Contains the HTML files (using Mako template engine). UI of the application.
    • lib: 3rd party libraries which cannot be installed with pip or easy_install. These are application independent.
    • log: Logging.
    • public: Static files of the application, which contains javascript, images and css files.
    • static: Static files of the application, which contains javascript, coffeescript, images and css files.
    • test: Unit testing.
    • tmp: Contains the mako_modules and other unnecessary garbage files.
    • The only file executed directly.
    • Default settings (constant variables etc.) of the application.
    • URL definitions which are mapped to their handler classes.

High Level Diagrams

Package Diagrams


High-level modules