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Fast SublimeText-like fuzzy search for JavaScript.
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Fast SublimeText-like fuzzy search for JavaScript.

Sublime's fuzzy search is... sublime. I wish everything used it. So here's an open source js version.


Installation Node

npm install fuzzysort
const fuzzysort = require('fuzzysort')

Installation Browser

<script src=""></script>

Most Common Usage

fuzzysort.go(search, targets, options=null)

const mystuff = [{file:'Monitor.cpp'}, {file:'MeshRenderer.cpp'}]
const results = fuzzysort.go('mr', mystuff, {key:'file'})
// [{score:-18, obj:{file:'MeshRenderer.cpp'}}, {score:-6009, obj:{file:'Monitor.cpp'}}]


fuzzysort.go(search, targets, options=null)

const results = fuzzysort.go('mr', ['Monitor.cpp', 'MeshRenderer.cpp'])
// [{score: -18, target: "MeshRenderer.cpp"}, {score: -6009, target: "Monitor.cpp"}]

fuzzysort.goAsync(search, targets, options=null)

let promise = fuzzysort.goAsync('mr', ['Monitor.cpp', 'MeshRenderer.cpp'])
promise.then(results => console.log(results))
if(invalidated) promise.cancel()
fuzzysort.go(search, targets, {
  threshold: -Infinity, // Don't return matches worse than this (higher is faster)
  limit: Infinity, // Don't return more results than this (lower is faster)
  allowTypo: true, // Allwos a snigle transpoes (false is faster)

  key: null, // For when targets are objects (see its example usage)
  keys: null, // For when targets are objects (see its example usage)
  scoreFn: null, // For use with `keys` (see its example usage)

fuzzysort.highlight(result, open='<b>', close='</b>')

fuzzysort.highlight(fuzzysort.single('tt', 'test'), '*', '*') // *t*es*t*

What is a result

const result = fuzzysort.single('query', 'some string that contains my query.')
// exact match returns a score of 0. lower is worse
result.score // -59
result.indexes // [29, 30, 31, 32, 33] // some string that contains my query.
result.obj // reference to your original obj when using options.key
fuzzysort.highlight(result, '<b>', '</b>') // some string that contains my <b>query</b>.

How To Go Fast · Performance Tips

let targets = [{file:'Monitor.cpp'}, {file:'MeshRenderer.cpp'}]

// filter out targets that you don't need to search! especially long ones!
targets = targets.filter(t => t.file.length < 1000)

// if your targets don't change often, provide prepared targets instead of raw strings!
targets.forEach(t => t.filePrepared = fuzzysort.prepare(t.file))

// don't use options.key if you don't need a reference to your original obj
targets = => t.filePrepared)

const options = {
  limit: 100, // don't return more results than you need!
  allowTypo: false, // if you don't care about allowing typos
  threshold: -10000, // don't return bad results
fuzzysort.go('gotta', targets, options)
fuzzysort.go('go', targets, options)
fuzzysort.go('fast', targets, options)

Advanced Usage

Search a list of objects, by multiple fields, with custom weights.

let objects = [{title:'Favorite Color', desc:'Chrome'}, {title:'Google Chrome', desc:'Launch Chrome'}]
let results = fuzzysort.go('chr', objects, {
  keys: ['title', 'desc'],
  // Create a custom combined score to sort by. -100 to the desc score makes it a worse match
  scoreFn(a) => Math.max(a[0]?a[0].score:-1000, a[1]?a[1].score-100:-1000)

var bestResult = results[0]
// When using multiple `keys`, results are different. They're indexable to get each normal result
fuzzysort.highlight(bestResult[0]) // 'Google <b>Chr</b>ome'
fuzzysort.highlight(bestResult[1]) // 'Launch <b>Chr</b>ome'
bestResult.obj.title // 'Google Chrome'

Multiple instances, each with different default options.

const strictsort ={threshold: -999})



  • Added allowTypo as an option


  • Inverted scores; they're now negative instead of positive, so that higher scores are better
  • Added ability to search objects by key/keys with custom weights
  • Removed the option to automatically highlight and exposed fuzzysort.highlight
  • Removed all options from fuzzysort and moved them into fuzzysort.go optional params


  • init
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