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Sensor node server

This project contains the server I use to monitor my wireless sensor network. It won't do much without a wireless sensor network connected via Arduino to your serial port!

There are three components:

  • in src/ is a python app that reads readings from the serial port
  • in src/ is a tornado application that serves up the logged data over http on port 8888 along with
  • the UI, in src/static, which is a JavaScript app that uses Google's chart API to display the data.

There are sample upstart job config files in the upstart directory.

To install:

  • Edit wirelesssensor/ to set the location of the database.
  • Install the package:
cd wireless-sensor-node-server
sudo pip install .
  • If using upstart:
sudo cp upstart/* /etc/init
sudo start wireless-sensor-logger
sudo start wireless-sensor-server
  • Connect to http://<your server>:8888