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a simple tool to convert vimwiki files to emacs org-mode
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description is a simple tool to convert vimwiki file to emacs org-mode file

usage [file ...] [options] -- [file ...]


  • print help message --help
  • show man page --man
  • convert the example vimwikie files to a org-mode file /usr/share/vimwiki2org/example/ >
  • convert vimwikie files, give the diary index file's relative path, and will check and append the lonely files in the same folder or sub folders with the main index file -d diary/ -L fix -- >

install and uninstall

  • depends
    • perl 5.14
  • compatibility
    • test ok on vimwiki 2.0.1.stu
  • install

    make install
  • uninstall

    make uninstall

binary files

  • /usr/bin/vimwiki2org

    a wrapper to run the main script

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