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FastCGI Spec

Since is not available anymore, I (fbbdev) created this repository and linked website to host the FastCGI Spec.


This repository contains two version of the specification:

  • The original version from, pulled from the Wayback Machine archive, at original/spec.html

  • A markdown version, manually converted from the original, at Text and most formatting in this version is identical to the original, the only exception being the References section: there, after the original text, a subsection has been added with live links to updated sources.

Visit the website to read a nicely formatted version of the spec.

FastCGI Specification copyright

This is not an official repository nor is it linked in any way to the original website and FastCGI copyright owners.

The FastCGI Specification is intellectual property of Open Market Inc.
Copyright © 1996 Open Market, Inc. 245 First Street, Cambridge, MA 02142 U.S.A.
Tel: 617-621-9500 Fax: 617-621-1703 URL: