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Find file Copy path
Jeremy Howard experimental xresnet changes d3cc045 Apr 6, 2019
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from fastai.script import *
from import *
from fastai.callbacks import *
from fastai.distributed import *
from fastai.callbacks.tracker import *
torch.backends.cudnn.benchmark = True
import time
from fastprogress import fastprogress
from fastai.general_optimizer import *
fastprogress.MAX_COLS = 80
def get_data(size, woof, bs, workers=None, use_lighting=False):
path = Path('/mnt/fe2_disk')
if size<=128: path = path/('imagewoof-160' if woof else 'imagenette-160')
elif size<=192: path = path/('imagewoof-320' if woof else 'imagenette-320')
else : path = path/('imagewoof' if woof else 'imagenette' )
n_gpus = num_distrib() or 1
if workers is None: workers = min(8, num_cpus()//n_gpus)
tfms = [flip_lr(p=0.5)]
if use_lighting:
tfms += [brightness(change=(0.4,0.6)), contrast(scale=(0.7,1.3))]
return (ImageList.from_folder(path).split_by_folder(valid='val')
.label_from_folder().transform((tfms, []), size=size)
.databunch(bs=bs, num_workers=workers)
.presize(size, scale=(0.35,1))
def get_learner(lr, size, woof, bs, opt_func, gpu, epochs):
data = get_data(size, woof, bs)
bs_rat = bs/256
lr *= bs_rat
b_its = len(data.train_dl)
ph1 = (TrainingPhase(epochs*0.5*b_its)
.schedule_hp('lr', (lr/20,lr), anneal=annealing_cos)
.schedule_hp('eps', (1e-4,1e-7), anneal=annealing_cos)
ph2 = (TrainingPhase(epochs*0.5*b_its)
.schedule_hp('lr', (lr,lr/1e5), anneal=annealing_cos)
.schedule_hp('eps', (1e-7,1e-7), anneal=annealing_cos)
learn = (Learner(data, models.xresnet50(),
metrics=[accuracy,top_k_accuracy], wd=1e-3, opt_func=opt_func,
bn_wd=False, true_wd=True, loss_func = LabelSmoothingCrossEntropy())
if gpu is None: learn.to_parallel()
elif num_distrib()>1: learn.to_distributed(gpu)
gs = GeneralScheduler(learn, (ph1,ph2)), lr=1, callbacks=gs)
def bn_and_final(m):
ll = flatten_model(m)
last_lin = next(o for o in reversed(ll) if isinstance(o, bias_types))
idx = [i for i,o in enumerate(ll) if
(i>50 and isinstance(o, bn_types)) or o==last_lin]
l1 = [o for i,o in enumerate(ll) if i not in idx]
l2 = [ll[i] for i in idx]
return split_model(splits=[l1,l2])
def on_step(self, p, group, group_idx):
st = self.state[p]
alpha = ((st['alpha_buffer'] + group['eps']).sqrt()
) if 'alpha_buffer' in st else mom.new_tensor(1.)
clip = group['clip'] if 'clip' in group else 1e9
alr = (st['alpha_buffer']).clamp_min_(clip)['lr'], st['momentum_buffer'], alr)
def main(
gpu:Param("GPU to run on", str)=None,
lr: Param("Learning rate", float)=1e-3,
size: Param("Size (px: 128,192,224)", int)=128,
debias_mom: Param("Debias statistics", bool)=False,
debias_sqr: Param("Debias statistics", bool)=False,
opt: Param("Optimizer: 'adam','genopt','rms','sgd'", str)='genopt',
alpha: Param("Alpha", float)=0.99,
mom: Param("Momentum", float)=0.9,
eps: Param("epsilon", float)=1e-7,
decay: Param("Decay AvgStatistic (momentum)", bool)=False,
epochs: Param("Number of epochs", int)=5,
bs: Param("Batch size", int)=128,
"""Distributed training of Imagenette.
Fastest multi-gpu speed is if you run with: python -m fastai.launch"""
# Pick one of these
gpu = setup_distrib(gpu)
if gpu is None: bs *= torch.cuda.device_count()
moms = (mom,mom)
stats = [
AvgStatistic('momentum', mom, scope=StatScope.Weight, decay=decay, debias=debias_mom),
AvgSquare ('alpha', alpha, scope=StatScope.Weight, debias=debias_sqr),
ConstStatistic('eps', eps), ConstStatistic('clip', 0.001),
if opt=='adam' : opt_func = partial(optim.Adam, betas=(mom,alpha), eps=eps)
elif opt=='rms' : opt_func = partial(optim.RMSprop, alpha=alpha)
elif opt=='genopt': opt_func = partial(GeneralOptimizer, on_step=on_step, stats=stats)
else: raise Exception(f'unknown opt: {opt}')
#opt_func = optim.SGD
#learn = (cnn_learner(data, models.xresnet50, pretrained=False, concat_pool=False, lin_ftrs=[], split_on=bn_and_final,
print(f'lr: {lr}; size: {size}; debias_mom: {debias_mom}; debias_sqr: {debias_sqr}; opt: {opt}; alpha: {alpha}; mom: {mom}; eps: {eps}; decay: {decay}')
get_learner(lr, size, False, bs, opt_func, gpu, epochs)
get_learner(lr, size, True, bs, opt_func, gpu, epochs)
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