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"Tools to help find the optimal learning rate for training"
from ..torch_core import *
from ..basic_data import DataBunch
from ..callback import *
from ..basic_train import Learner, LearnerCallback
__all__ = ['LRFinder']
class LRFinder(LearnerCallback):
"Causes `learn` to go on a mock training from `start_lr` to `end_lr` for `num_it` iterations."
def __init__(self, learn:Learner, start_lr:float=1e-7, end_lr:float=10, num_it:int=100, stop_div:bool=True):
super().__init__(learn),self.stop_div =,stop_div
self.sched = Stepper((start_lr, end_lr), num_it, annealing_exp)
#To avoid validating if the train_dl has less than num_it batches, we put aside the valid_dl and remove it
#during the call to fit.
self.valid_dl = = None
def on_train_begin(self, pbar, **kwargs:Any)->None:
"Initialize optimizer and learner hyperparameters."
setattr(pbar, 'clean_on_interrupt', True)'tmp')
self.opt = self.learn.opt = self.sched.start
self.stop,self.best_loss = False,0.
def on_batch_end(self, iteration:int, smooth_loss:TensorOrNumber, **kwargs:Any)->None:
"Determine if loss has runaway and we should stop."
if iteration==0 or smooth_loss < self.best_loss: self.best_loss = smooth_loss = self.sched.step()
if self.sched.is_done or (self.stop_div and (smooth_loss > 4*self.best_loss or torch.isnan(smooth_loss))):
#We use the smoothed loss to decide on the stopping since it's less shaky.
return True
def on_epoch_end(self, **kwargs:Any)->None:
"Tell Learner if we need to stop."
return self.stop
def on_train_end(self, **kwargs:Any)->None:
"Cleanup learn model weights disturbed during LRFind exploration."
# restore the valid_dl we turned off on `__init__` = self.valid_dl
if hasattr(self.learn.model, 'reset'): self.learn.model.reset()
print('LR Finder is complete, type {learner_name}.recorder.plot() to see the graph.')