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"Implements [mixup]( training method"
from ..torch_core import *
from ..callback import *
from ..basic_train import Learner, LearnerCallback
class MixUpCallback(LearnerCallback):
"Callback that creates the mixed-up input and target."
def __init__(self, learn:Learner, alpha:float=0.4, stack_x:bool=False, stack_y:bool=True):
self.alpha,self.stack_x,self.stack_y = alpha,stack_x,stack_y
def on_batch_begin(self, last_input, last_target, train, **kwargs):
"Applies mixup to `last_input` and `last_target` if `train`."
if not train: return
lambd = np.random.beta(self.alpha, self.alpha, last_target.size(0))
lambd = np.concatenate([lambd[:,None], 1-lambd[:,None]], 1).max(1)
lambd =
shuffle = torch.randperm(last_target.size(0)).to(last_input.device)
x1, y1 = last_input[shuffle], last_target[shuffle]
if self.stack_x:
new_input = [last_input, last_input[shuffle], lambd]
new_input = (last_input * lambd.view(lambd.size(0),1,1,1) + x1 * (1-lambd).view(lambd.size(0),1,1,1))
if self.stack_y:
new_target =[last_target[:,None].float(), y1[:,None].float(), lambd[:,None].float()], 1)
if len(last_target.shape) == 2:
lambd = lambd.unsqueeze(1).float()
new_target = last_target.float() * lambd + y1.float() * (1-lambd)
return (new_input, new_target)
class MixUpLoss(nn.Module):
"Adapt the loss function `crit` to go with mixup."
def __init__(self, crit):
self.crit = crit
def forward(self, output, target, reduction='elementwise_mean'):
if len(target.size()) == 2:
loss1, loss2 = self.crit(output,target[:,0].long()), self.crit(output,target[:,1].long())
d = (loss1 * target[:,2] + loss2 * (1-target[:,2])).mean()
else: d = self.crit(output, target)
if reduction == 'elementwise_mean': return d.mean()
elif reduction == 'sum': return d.sum()
return d