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"Regroups lr adjustment to seq_len, AR and TAR"
from ..torch_core import *
from ..callback import *
from ..basic_train import Learner, LearnerCallback
__all__ = ['RNNTrainer']
class RNNTrainer(LearnerCallback):
"`Callback` that regroups lr adjustment to seq_len, AR and TAR."
def __init__(self, learn, bptt:int, alpha:float=0., beta:float=0.):
self.not_min += ['raw_out', 'out']
self.bptt,self.alpha,self.beta = bptt,alpha,beta
def on_epoch_begin(self, **kwargs):
"Reset the hidden state of the model."
def on_loss_begin(self, last_output:Tuple[Tensor,Tensor,Tensor], **kwargs):
"Save the extra outputs for later and only returns the true output."
self.raw_out,self.out = last_output[1],last_output[2]
return last_output[0]
def on_backward_begin(self, last_loss:Rank0Tensor, last_input:Tensor, **kwargs):
"Apply AR and TAR to `last_loss`."
#AR and TAR
if self.alpha != 0.: last_loss += self.alpha * self.out[-1].pow(2).mean().float()
if self.beta != 0.:
h = self.raw_out[-1]
if len(h)>1: last_loss += self.beta * (h[:,1:] - h[:,:-1]).pow(2).mean().float()
return last_loss