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import os.path, re, nbformat, jupyter_contrib_nbextensions
from nbconvert.preprocessors import Preprocessor
from nbconvert import HTMLExporter
from traitlets.config import Config
from pathlib import Path
__all__ = ['read_nb', 'convert_nb', 'convert_all']
exporter = HTMLExporter(Config())
#Loads the template to deal with hidden cells.
exporter.template_file = 'jekyll.tpl'
path = Path(__file__).parent
def read_nb(fname):
"Read the notebook in `fname`."
with open(fname,'r') as f: return nbformat.reads(, as_version=4)
def convert_nb(fname, dest_path='.'):
"Convert a notebook `fname` to html file in `dest_path`."
from .gen_notebooks import remove_undoc_cells, remove_code_cell_jupyter_widget_state_elem
nb = read_nb(fname)
nb['cells'] = remove_undoc_cells(nb['cells'])
nb['cells'] = remove_code_cell_jupyter_widget_state_elem(nb['cells'])
fname = Path(fname).absolute()
dest_name = fname.with_suffix('.html').name
meta = nb['metadata']
meta_jekyll = meta['jekyll'] if 'jekyll' in meta else {'title': fname.with_suffix('').name}
meta_jekyll['nb_path'] = f'{}/{}'
with open(f'{dest_path}/{dest_name}','w') as f:
f.write(exporter.from_notebook_node(nb, resources=meta_jekyll)[0])
def convert_all(folder, dest_path='.', force_all=False):
"Convert modified notebooks in `folder` to html pages in `dest_path`."
path = Path(folder)
changed_cnt = 0
for fname in path.glob("*.ipynb"):
# only rebuild modified files
fname_out = Path(dest_path)/fname.with_suffix('.html').name
if not force_all and fname_out.exists():
in_mod = os.path.getmtime(fname)
out_mod = os.path.getmtime(fname_out)
if in_mod < out_mod: continue
print(f"converting: {fname} => {fname_out}")
changed_cnt += 1
convert_nb(fname, dest_path=dest_path)
if not changed_cnt: print("No notebooks were modified")
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