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"`gen_doc.nbtest` shows pytest documentation for module functions"
import inspect, os, re
from os.path import abspath, dirname, join
from collections import namedtuple
from fastai.gen_doc import nbdoc
from ..imports.core import *
from .core import ifnone
from .doctest import get_parent_func, relative_test_path, get_func_fq_name, DB_NAME
from nbconvert import HTMLExporter
from IPython.core import page
from IPython.core.display import display, Markdown, HTML
__all__ = ['show_test', 'doctest', 'find_related_tests', 'lookup_db', 'find_test_matches', 'find_test_files', 'fuzzy_test_match', 'get_pytest_html']
TestFunctionMatch = namedtuple('TestFunctionMatch', ['line_number', 'line'])
def show_test(elt)->str:
"Show associated tests for a fastai function/class"
md = build_tests_markdown(elt)
def doctest(elt):
"Inline notebook popup for `show_test`"
md = build_tests_markdown(elt)
output = HTMLExporter().markdown2html(md)
try:{'text/html': output})
except: display(Markdown(md))
def build_tests_markdown(elt):
fn_name = nbdoc.fn_name(elt)
md = ''
db_matches = [get_links(t) for t in lookup_db(elt)]
md += tests2md(db_matches, '')
related = [get_links(t) for t in find_related_tests(elt)]
other_tests = [k for k in OrderedDict.fromkeys(related) if k not in db_matches]
md += tests2md(other_tests, f'Some other tests where `{fn_name}` is used:')
except OSError as e: pass
if len(md.strip())==0:
return (f'No tests found for `{fn_name}`.'
' To contribute a test please refer to [this guide](/dev/test.html)'
' and [this discussion](')
return (f'Tests found for `{fn_name}`: {md}'
'\n\nTo run tests please refer to this [guide](/dev/test.html#quick-guide).')
def tests2md(tests, type_label:str):
if not tests: return ''
md = [f'\n\n{type_label}'] + [f'* `{cmd}` {link}' for link,cmd in sorted(tests, key=lambda k: k[1])]
return '\n'.join(md)
def get_pytest_html(elt, anchor_id:str)->Tuple[str,str]:
md = build_tests_markdown(elt)
html = HTMLExporter().markdown2html(md).replace('\n','') # nbconverter fails to parse markdown if it has both html and '\n'
anchor_id = anchor_id.replace('.', '-') + '-pytest'
link, body = get_pytest_card(html, anchor_id)
return link, body
def get_pytest_card(html, anchor_id):
"creates a collapsible bootstrap card for `show_test`"
link = f'<a class="source_link" data-toggle="collapse" data-target="#{anchor_id}" style="float:right; padding-right:10px">[test]</a>'
body = (f'<div class="collapse" id="{anchor_id}"><div class="card card-body pytest_card">'
f'<a type="button" data-toggle="collapse" data-target="#{anchor_id}" class="close" aria-label="Close"><span aria-hidden="true">&times;</span></a>'
return link, body
def lookup_db(elt)->List[Dict]:
"Finds `this_test` entries from test_registry.json"
db_file = Path(abspath(join(dirname( __file__ ), '..')))/DB_NAME
if not db_file.exists():
raise Exception(f'Could not find {db_file}. Please make sure it exists at "{db_file}" or run `make test`')
with open(db_file, 'r') as f:
db = json.load(f)
key = get_func_fq_name(elt)
return db.get(key, [])
def find_related_tests(elt)->Tuple[List[Dict],List[Dict]]:
"Searches `fastai/tests` folder for any test functions related to `elt`"
related_matches = []
for test_file in find_test_files(elt):
fuzzy_matches = find_test_matches(elt, test_file)
return related_matches
def get_tests_dir(elt)->Path:
"Absolute path of `fastai/tests` directory"
test_dir = Path(__file__).parent.parent.parent.resolve()/'tests'
if not test_dir.exists(): raise OSError('Could not find test directory at this location:', test_dir)
return test_dir
def get_file(elt)->str:
if hasattr(elt, '__wrapped__'): elt = elt.__wrapped__
if not nbdoc.is_fastai_class(elt): return None
return inspect.getfile(elt)
def find_test_files(elt, exact_match:bool=False)->List[Path]:
"Searches in `fastai/tests` directory for module tests"
test_dir = get_tests_dir(elt)
matches = [test_dir/ for o in os.scandir(test_dir) if _is_file_match(elt,]
# if len(matches) != 1: raise Error('Could not find exact file match:', matches)
return matches
def _is_file_match(elt, file_name:str, exact_match:bool=False)->bool:
fp = get_file(elt)
if fp is None: return False
subdir = ifnone(_submodule_name(elt), '')
exact_re = '' if exact_match else '\w*'
return re.match(f'test_{subdir}\w*{Path(fp).stem}{exact_re}\.py', file_name)
def _submodule_name(elt)->str:
"Returns submodule - utils, text, vision, imports, etc."
if inspect.ismodule(elt): return None
modules = elt.__module__.split('.')
if len(modules) > 2:
return modules[1]
return None
def find_test_matches(elt, test_file:Path)->Tuple[List[Dict],List[Dict]]:
"Find all functions in `test_file` related to `elt`"
lines = get_lines(test_file)
rel_path = relative_test_path(test_file)
fn_name = get_qualname(elt) if not inspect.ismodule(elt) else ''
return fuzzy_test_match(fn_name, lines, rel_path)
def get_qualname(elt):
return elt.__qualname__ if hasattr(elt, '__qualname__') else fn_name(elt)
def separate_comp(qualname:str):
if not isinstance(qualname, str): qualname = get_qualname(qualname)
parts = qualname.split('.')
parts[-1] = remove_underscore(parts[-1])
if len(parts) == 1: return [], parts[0]
return parts[:-1], parts[-1]
def remove_underscore(fn_name):
if fn_name and fn_name[0] == '_': return fn_name[1:] # remove private method underscore prefix
return fn_name
def fuzzy_test_match(fn_name:str, lines:List[Dict], rel_path:str)->List[TestFunctionMatch]:
"Find any lines where `fn_name` is invoked and return the parent test function"
fuzzy_line_matches = _fuzzy_line_match(fn_name, lines)
fuzzy_matches = [get_parent_func(lno, lines, ignore_missing=True) for lno,_ in fuzzy_line_matches]
fuzzy_matches = list(filter(None.__ne__, fuzzy_matches))
return [map_test(rel_path, lno, l) for lno,l in fuzzy_matches]
def _fuzzy_line_match(fn_name:str, lines)->List[TestFunctionMatch]:
"Find any lines where `fn_name` is called"
result = []
_,fn_name = separate_comp(fn_name)
for idx,line in enumerate(lines):
if re.match(f'.*[\s\.\(]{fn_name}[\.\(]', line):
return result
def get_lines(file:Path)->List[str]:
with open(file, 'r') as f: return f.readlines()
def map_test(test_file, line, line_text):
"Creates dictionary test format to match doctest api"
test_name = re.match(f'\s*def (test_\w*)', line_text).groups(0)[0]
return { 'file': test_file, 'line': line, 'test': test_name }
def get_links(metadata)->Tuple[str,str]:
"Returns source code link and pytest command"
return nbdoc.get_source_link(**metadata), pytest_command(**metadata)
def pytest_command(file:str, test:str, **kwargs)->str:
"Returns CLI command to run specific test function"
return f'pytest -sv {file}::{test}'
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