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"Implements various metrics to measure training accuracy"
from .torch_core import *
from .callback import *
__all__ = ['error_rate', 'accuracy', 'accuracy_thresh', 'dice', 'exp_rmspe', 'fbeta']
def fbeta(y_pred:Tensor, y_true:Tensor, thresh:float=0.2, beta:float=2, eps:float=1e-9, sigmoid:bool=True) -> Rank0Tensor:
"Computes the f_beta between preds and targets"
beta2 = beta**2
if sigmoid: y_pred = y_pred.sigmoid()
y_pred = (y_pred>thresh).float()
y_true = y_true.float()
TP = (y_pred*y_true).sum(dim=1)
prec = TP/(y_pred.sum(dim=1)+eps)
rec = TP/(y_true.sum(dim=1)+eps)
res = (prec*rec)/(prec*beta2+rec+eps)*(1+beta2)
return res.mean()
def accuracy_thresh(y_pred:Tensor, y_true:Tensor, thresh:float=0.5, sigmoid:bool=True)->Rank0Tensor:
"Compute accuracy when `y_pred` and `y_true` are the same size."
if sigmoid: y_pred = y_pred.sigmoid()
return ((y_pred>thresh)==y_true.byte()).float().mean()
def dice(input:Tensor, targs:Tensor, iou:bool=False)->Rank0Tensor:
"Dice coefficient metric for binary target. If iou=True, returns iou metric, classic for segmentation problems."
n = targs.shape[0]
input = input.argmax(dim=1).view(n,-1)
targs = targs.view(n,-1)
intersect = (input*targs).sum().float()
union = (input+targs).sum().float()
if not iou: return 2. * intersect / union
else: return intersect / (union-intersect+1.0)
def accuracy(input:Tensor, targs:Tensor)->Rank0Tensor:
"Compute accuracy with `targs` when `input` is bs * n_classes."
n = targs.shape[0]
input = input.argmax(dim=-1).view(n,-1)
targs = targs.view(n,-1)
return (input==targs).float().mean()
def error_rate(input:Tensor, targs:Tensor)->Rank0Tensor:
"1 - `accuracy`"
return 1-accuracy(input, targs)
def exp_rmspe(pred:Tensor, targ:Tensor)->Rank0Tensor:
"Exp RMSE between `pred` and `targ`."
pred, targ = torch.exp(pred), torch.exp(targ)
pct_var = (targ - pred)/targ
return torch.sqrt((pct_var**2).mean())