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"Cleaning and feature engineering functions for structured data"
from ..torch_core import *
from pandas.api.types import is_numeric_dtype
__all__ = ['add_datepart', 'cont_cat_split', 'Categorify', 'FillMissing', 'FillStrategy', 'Normalize', 'TabularProc']
def add_datepart(df, fldname, drop=True, time=False):
"Helper function that adds columns relevant to a date in the column `fldname` of `df`."
fld = df[fldname]
fld_dtype = fld.dtype
if isinstance(fld_dtype, pd.core.dtypes.dtypes.DatetimeTZDtype):
fld_dtype = np.datetime64
if not np.issubdtype(fld_dtype, np.datetime64):
df[fldname] = fld = pd.to_datetime(fld, infer_datetime_format=True)
targ_pre = re.sub('[Dd]ate$', '', fldname)
attr = ['Year', 'Month', 'Week', 'Day', 'Dayofweek', 'Dayofyear',
'Is_month_end', 'Is_month_start', 'Is_quarter_end', 'Is_quarter_start', 'Is_year_end', 'Is_year_start']
if time: attr = attr + ['Hour', 'Minute', 'Second']
for n in attr: df[targ_pre + n] = getattr(fld.dt, n.lower())
df[targ_pre + 'Elapsed'] = fld.astype(np.int64) // 10 ** 9
if drop: df.drop(fldname, axis=1, inplace=True)
def cont_cat_split(df, max_card=20, dep_var=None):
"Helper function that returns column names of cont and cat variables from given df."
cont_names, cat_names = [], []
for label in df:
if label == dep_var: continue
if len(set(df[label])) > max_card and df[label].dtype == int or df[label].dtype == float: cont_names.append(label)
else: cat_names.append(label)
return cont_names, cat_names
class TabularProc():
"A processor for tabular dataframes."
def __call__(self, df:DataFrame, test:bool=False):
"Apply the correct function to `df` depending on `test`."
func = self.apply_test if test else self.apply_train
def apply_train(self, df:DataFrame):
"Function applied to `df` if it's the train set."
raise NotImplementedError
def apply_test(self, df:DataFrame):
"Function applied to `df` if it's the test set."
class Categorify(TabularProc):
"Transform the categorical variables to that type."
def apply_train(self, df:DataFrame):
"Transform `self.cat_names` columns in categorical."
self.categories = {}
for n in self.cat_names:
df.loc[:,n] = df.loc[:,n].astype('category').cat.as_ordered()
self.categories[n] = df[n].cat.categories
def apply_test(self, df:DataFrame):
"Transform `self.cat_names` columns in categorical using the codes decided in `apply_train`."
for n in self.cat_names:
df.loc[:,n] = pd.Categorical(df[n], categories=self.categories[n], ordered=True)
FillStrategy = IntEnum('FillStrategy', 'MEDIAN COMMON CONSTANT')
class FillMissing(TabularProc):
"Fill the missing values in continuous columns."
def apply_train(self, df:DataFrame):
"Fill missing values in `self.cont_names` according to `self.fill_strategy`."
self.na_dict = {}
for name in self.cont_names:
if pd.isnull(df.loc[:,name]).sum():
if self.add_col:
df.loc[:,name+'_na'] = pd.isnull(df.loc[:,name])
if name+'_na' not in self.cat_names: self.cat_names.append(name+'_na')
if self.fill_strategy == FillStrategy.MEDIAN: filler = df.loc[:,name].median()
elif self.fill_strategy == FillStrategy.CONSTANT: filler = self.fill_val
else: filler = df.loc[:,name].dropna().value_counts().idxmax()
df.loc[:,name] = df.loc[:,name].fillna(filler)
self.na_dict[name] = filler
def apply_test(self, df:DataFrame):
"Fill missing values in `self.cont_names` like in `apply_train`."
for name in self.cont_names:
if name in self.na_dict:
if self.add_col:
df.loc[:,name+'_na'] = pd.isnull(df[name])
if name+'_na' not in self.cat_names: self.cat_names.append(name+'_na')
df.loc[:,name] = df.loc[:,name].fillna(self.na_dict[name])
elif pd.isnull(df[name]).sum() != 0:
raise Exception(f"""There are nan values in field {name} but there were none in the training set.
Please fix those manually.""")
class Normalize(TabularProc):
"Normalize the continuous variables."
def apply_train(self, df:DataFrame):
"Comput the means and stds of `self.cont_names` columns to normalize them."
self.means,self.stds = {},{}
for n in self.cont_names:
assert is_numeric_dtype(df[n]), (f"""Cannot normalize '{n}' column as it isn't numerical.
Are you sure it doesn't belong in the categorical set of columns?""")
self.means[n],self.stds[n] = df.loc[:,n].mean(),df.loc[:,n].std()
df.loc[:,n] = (df.loc[:,n]-self.means[n]) / (1e-7 + self.stds[n])
def apply_test(self, df:DataFrame):
"Normalize `self.cont_names` with the same statistics as in `apply_train`."
for n in self.cont_names:
df.loc[:,n] = (df.loc[:,n]-self.means[n]) / (1e-7 + self.stds[n])