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from ...torch_core import *
from ...layers import *
from ...callbacks.hooks import *
__all__ = ['DynamicUnet', 'UnetBlock']
def _get_sfs_idxs(sizes:Sizes) -> List[int]:
"Get the indexes of the layers where the size of the activation changes."
feature_szs = [size[-1] for size in sizes]
sfs_idxs = list(np.where(np.array(feature_szs[:-1]) != np.array(feature_szs[1:]))[0])
if feature_szs[0] != feature_szs[1]: sfs_idxs = [0] + sfs_idxs
return sfs_idxs
class UnetBlock(nn.Module):
"A quasi-UNet block, using `PixelShuffle_ICNR upsampling`."
def __init__(self, up_in_c:int, x_in_c:int, hook:Hook, final_div:bool=True, blur:bool=False, leaky:float=None,
self_attention:bool=False, **kwargs):
self.hook = hook
self.shuf = PixelShuffle_ICNR(up_in_c, up_in_c//2, blur=blur, leaky=leaky, **kwargs) = batchnorm_2d(x_in_c)
ni = up_in_c//2 + x_in_c
nf = ni if final_div else ni//2
self.conv1 = conv_layer(ni, nf, leaky=leaky, **kwargs)
self.conv2 = conv_layer(nf, nf, leaky=leaky, self_attention=self_attention, **kwargs)
self.relu = relu(leaky=leaky)
def forward(self, up_in:Tensor) -> Tensor:
s = self.hook.stored
up_out = self.shuf(up_in)
ssh = s.shape[-2:]
if ssh != up_out.shape[-2:]:
up_out = F.interpolate(up_out, s.shape[-2:], mode='nearest')
cat_x = self.relu([up_out,], dim=1))
return self.conv2(self.conv1(cat_x))
class DynamicUnet(SequentialEx):
"Create a U-Net from a given architecture."
def __init__(self, encoder:nn.Module, n_classes:int, blur:bool=False, blur_final=True, self_attention:bool=False,
last_cross:bool=True, bottle:bool=False, **kwargs):
imsize = (256,256)
sfs_szs = model_sizes(encoder, size=imsize)
sfs_idxs = list(reversed(_get_sfs_idxs(sfs_szs)))
self.sfs = hook_outputs([encoder[i] for i in sfs_idxs])
x = dummy_eval(encoder, imsize).detach()
ni = sfs_szs[-1][1]
middle_conv = nn.Sequential(conv_layer(ni, ni*2, **kwargs),
conv_layer(ni*2, ni, **kwargs)).eval()
x = middle_conv(x)
layers = [encoder, batchnorm_2d(ni), nn.ReLU(), middle_conv]
for i,idx in enumerate(sfs_idxs):
not_final = i!=len(sfs_idxs)-1
up_in_c, x_in_c = int(x.shape[1]), int(sfs_szs[idx][1])
do_blur = blur and (not_final or blur_final)
sa = self_attention and (i==len(sfs_idxs)-3)
unet_block = UnetBlock(up_in_c, x_in_c, self.sfs[i], final_div=not_final, blur=blur, self_attention=sa,
x = unet_block(x)
ni = x.shape[1]
if imsize != sfs_szs[0][-2:]: layers.append(PixelShuffle_ICNR(ni, **kwargs))
if last_cross:
ni += in_channels(encoder)
layers.append(res_block(ni, bottle=bottle, **kwargs))
layers += [conv_layer(ni, n_classes, ks=1, use_activ=False, **kwargs)]
if y_range is not None: layers.append(SigmoidRange(*y_range))
def __del__(self):
if hasattr(self, "sfs"): self.sfs.remove()