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import pytest
from fastai.callbacks.misc import *
from fastai.gen_doc.doctest import this_tests
from utils.fakes import *
from utils.text import CaptureStdout
def stop_after_n_batches_run_n_check(learn, bs, run_n_batches_exp):
has_batches = len(
with CaptureStdout() as cs:
learn.fit_one_cycle(3, max_lr=1e-2)
for s in ['train_loss', 'valid_loss']:
assert s in cs.out, f"expecting '{s}' in \n{cs.out}"
# test that epochs are stopped at epoch 0
assert "\n0" in cs.out, "expecting epoch0"
assert "\n1" not in cs.out, "epoch 1 shouldn't run"
# test that only run_n_batches_exp batches were run
run_n_batches_got = len(learn.recorder.losses)
assert run_n_batches_got == run_n_batches_exp, f"should have run only {run_n_batches_exp}, but got {run_n_batches_got}"
def test_stop_after_n_batches():
# this should normally give us 10 batches for train_ds
train_length = 20
bs = 2
# but we only want to run 2
run_n_batches = 2
# 1. global assignment
defaults_extra_callbacks_bak = defaults.extra_callbacks
defaults.extra_callbacks = [StopAfterNBatches(n_batches=run_n_batches)]
learn = fake_learner(train_length=train_length, batch_size=bs)
stop_after_n_batches_run_n_check(learn, bs, run_n_batches)
# restore
defaults.extra_callbacks = defaults_extra_callbacks_bak
# 2. dynamic assignment
learn = fake_learner(train_length=train_length, batch_size=bs)
stop_after_n_batches_run_n_check(learn, bs, run_n_batches)
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