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import pytest
from fastai.gen_doc.doctest import this_tests
from utils.fakes import *
a3b3b3 = torch.ones([1,3,3,3])
def test_model2half():
m = simple_cnn([3,6,6],bn=True)
m = model2half(m)
conv1 = m[0][0]
bn = m[0][2]
assert isinstance(conv1.weight, torch.HalfTensor)
assert isinstance(bn.weight, torch.FloatTensor)
def test_model2half_forward():
learn = fake_learner()
x,y = next(iter(
res1 = learn.model(x)
learn.model = model2half(learn.model)
res2 = learn.model(x.half())
assert (res2.float() - res1).abs().sum() < 0.01
def test_to_half():
t1,t2 = torch.ones([1]).long(),torch.ones([1])
half = to_half([t1,t2])
assert isinstance(half[0],torch.LongTensor)
assert isinstance(half[1],torch.HalfTensor)
def test_batch_to_half():
t1,t2 = torch.ones([1]),torch.ones([1])
half = batch_to_half([t1,t2])
assert isinstance(half[0],torch.HalfTensor)
assert isinstance(half[1],torch.FloatTensor)
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