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import pytest
import torch
import torch.nn as nn
from fastai.gen_doc.doctest import this_tests
from import *
from fastai.callbacks.hooks import *
from torchvision.models import resnet18
from torchvision.models.resnet import BasicBlock
from import has_pool_type
def image():
return torch.randn([4, 3, 32, 32])
def test_create_body(image):
def get_hook_fn(actns):
return lambda self,input,output: actns.append(output)
def run_with_capture(m):
actns = []
hooks = Hooks(m, get_hook_fn(actns))
return actns
body = create_body(resnet18, pretrained=True, cut=-2)
resnet = nn.Sequential(*list(resnet18(pretrained=True).children())[:-2])
body_actns = run_with_capture(body)
resnet_actns = run_with_capture(resnet)
for i in range(len(body_actns)):
assert torch.allclose(body_actns[i], resnet_actns[i]) # check activation values at each block
body = create_body(resnet18, cut=lambda x:x)
assert isinstance(body, type(resnet18()))
with pytest.raises(NameError):
create_body(resnet18, cut=1.)
def test_create_head(image):
nc = 4 # number of output classes
head = create_head(nf=image.shape[1]*2,nc=nc)
assert list(head(image).shape) == [image.shape[0],nc]
def test_has_pool_type():
nc = 5 # dummy number of output classes
rn18m = create_cnn_model(resnet18, nc=nc)
assert has_pool_type(rn18m) # rn34 has pool type
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